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  1. Our winter was exactly like in your picture and when we got that much snow the temperature doesn't usually drop down to -30c that easy but this year's been a disaster. I wish you good luck with your cube! Thanks everyone for your answers. I'll try to find a solution!
  2. Hello! I live in Sweden and I am trying to find out how well the Eglu works in the winter. I can't find anything here in Sweden or the UK because I live in the North of Sweden and we have so much colder here than down there and sometimes for more than a week at the time. (-30 Celsius, -22 Fahrenheit) So I wonder if there is anyone here that lives up north and use the Eglu during cold winters? Do you still let them out all day? Is there anything special I should think about before the winter comes? I really like the cube and feel like it's a better option than the wooden houses, but it's the size during the winter that I'm worried about. Appreciate all the answer I can get! Thank you!