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  1. What size are Easter Egger hens?

    And here they are enjoying the new space.
  2. What size are Easter Egger hens?

    I’ve been using my home made movable run extension with the 3 meter run. I made it 8’ x 10’. The birds love it. I have a few more things to add but for the most part I’m satisfied. I will be adding 4 feet of roofing panels for shade and weather protection. This winter I’ll cover the A frame with clear poly and make it a little environment Away from wind, snow and rain. Don’t worry I’ll make sure it is ventilated. What do you think?
  3. Cat Tails you may have misinterpreted. I left them, not locked them in. Night time locked in daytime the door was open. The first two weeks we had frost warnings 5 different nights. Yes if it is too hot, don’t leave them shut in (locked in)the cube. You can do as I did leave the door open. They did not leave, it was their choice. On the 3rd day I moved the food and water outside encouraging them to venous on their own and explore they ew world. Cheers
  4. The first week I made a wooden ramp board with the typical rungs. I used cable ties to affix the wooden ramp on top of the Eglu ladder. Two of the birds were6 weeks, I think a Little a little small for the Eglu ladder. Made the transition easy when I removed the wooden ramp. Worked perfectly I also left them in the cube for 2 days, I left their water and food in the coop with them. They did not leave the cube for 2 days. I then put the food and water outside in the run and the rest is history. In the evening I place the food and water in the cube to encourage them to go inside
  5. Also I have the newer Cube are the dimensions of theroosting bars different in other or older versions? Thanks
  6. Sorry to hear this. Could you please clarify, the size of the hen? Was it both legs or just one leg. I see you wrote she damaged one leg, just curious if both her legs may have fell through. Stepnout. Forgot: What Product do you have that this happened? Cube MK1 or MK2 or the Go?
  7. Hey folks the Canadian supplier of Eglu proy have temporarily discounted their purple Cube and Go Up. Here is the link: https://fourlegsorwings.com/
  8. Motion dizziness after being in a boat

    You might have an ear infection or water in the middle ear. Did you do any swimming? The worst thing to have is this: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/menieres-disease/symptoms-causes/syc-20374910 hope you fell better soon. PS: Do you have ringing in one or both ears? See link
  9. Squatting hen - Winnie

    Here is a video of pullers and it hens squatting. This lady Sonya Schaffer fphas a great YouTube channel. I have watched a few of her posts. She seems very in tune with her flock, very intelligent, kind and carding. I particularly liked her ways of explaining the sexing of young birds. Enjoy:
  10. Yes I too love the cube it’s how flimsy the run is I have the issue with. I did the same as you with the ties. I put well over 100 on every spot I could think of. It did help but really for the price of these runs geash you think a tubular frame might have been a good idea. If I was to do it again I would buy the cube and attach it to my own tractor. I do like your idea about getting inside to move it. The handles on the UK site look like a great idea but they are not available in Canada
  11. What has killed my poor hen

    Very sad, so sorry for your loss. That is a beautiful picture you posted. A memory to cherish forever. my 2 biggest worries are #1 Racoons and #2 Coyotes. Multiple time over,any years racoons have slaughtered my pigeons. They travel in family groups working in unison, they can force and or break into almost anything. The slightest opening they can get their paws in is an opportunity for them to pry a door, window or fencing open enough for the smaller members in the coop. These creatures will not stop until every last bird is dispatched. It is traumatizing to come upon this type of scene. I would not wish this on anyone. Sincerely Stepnout
  12. PICKED UP A MIX OF 6-8 OLD BIRDS(aged by seller) 6 days ago. To clarify these are my first chickens. I was worried these young birds would not be able to negotiate the supplied ladder so I fashioned a plank tie-rapping it in place. The chicks had not been away from the heat lamp at night before, as the night time temps have been dropping into the 30's and causing frost I laid a dog heating pad on top of the roosting bars and covered it with a layer of pine shavings. https://well.ca/products/kh-lectro-kennel_137315.html I put a water bottle and a 3 pound feeder inside the Cube. I decided to keep the birds in the coop to allow them to feel safe after the ride home. Through the day I opened the door allowing the birds to have daylight and see their new surroundings. They took turns looking outside at their new world. They ate well and drank lots, going to bed at a good time.I awoke early in the morning filled up their dishes and left the Cube's door open. They stayed in for several hours. I moved their water and food outside, what do you know here came the birds...so food oriented! Up and down the ladder the first full day no trouble. In the evening I moved the food and water inside and look here they come. They have been putting themselves to bed each night since. This morning I removed the wood plank from the ladder and they never missed a beat, back in bed taking it easy. My observations about the cube after only one week are as follows: I love how easy it is to clean I love the design, the doors and hatches work flawlessly I have not utilized the roosting bars yet because of the above mentioned heating pad but I am quite sure I will love it especially how they are removable for cleaning. I am sure I will love the removable cleaning tray and will have a better appreciation later(see comment re: pad) I am disappointed with the movement of the Cube c/w 3 mtr run utilizing the wheel kit. The cube does not move well at all with very little obstructions as in uneven ground or 5 inch high grass. It is obvious this was deigned for a well manicured lawn So I will actually have to make sure my grass is mowed before movement. The CUBE c/w 3 mtr run seems very flimsy while moving it on uneven ground. (i'm not talking hills and valleys I'm talking inches) In short I find the run quite cheaply made and overpriced. I find the cube itself well designed, a quality build and a little pricey but the ability to easily keep it clean and secure the birds in at night convinced me to pay the price. In a few months I may revisit this review to update on how the run is holding up. Sincerly Stepnout
  13. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    Hello Shazzie I live in Eastern Canada. I purchase my dog food at Global Pet foods. DogMother you were close, I live 60 miles from the US boarder. My T shirt may have thrown you off. The Oil refinery I work at has offices and petrol stations in Canada and the United States. The T shirt was commissioned in support of the victims and families of the 9/11 attacks in Nwe York. The shirt say “God Bless America, Canada Cares” something like that.” Cheers
  14. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    I have almost completed an 8 got by 10 foot A frame extension. 4 foot will have a roof, roosting bars etc. It will have wheels. And I will move it along with the cube. My cube Is 3 meter. The cube run will hook to the A frame. I’ll post pictures in a week or so. I have a big property for coop movement, thanks
  15. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    Thanks for the great comments! This is a great learning experience. A long way to go for this 61 year old lol. For the past year I have been getting a 15% discount on BooBoo the black Labrador’s food. Yea for the senior discounts.