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  1. Hellis

    Christmas swap 2019

    Meeeeee!!! I missed this last time as I didn't turn my notifications on! - they are on now
  2. Hello, I have a classic purple eglu for sale, with 2mtr run, and glug. This is the rabbit version but I popped a perch across the middle and used it for chickens but I have got too many girls now so have upgraded. will post photos of the coop when it’s light and I’ve pressure washed it! £250 collection Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
  3. Hellis

    Wanted - Eglu Cube

    Hello, it’s more than I’m willing to spend and I have seen others a similar age/condition around £200-250 which is more the price we have in mind. thank you
  4. Hellis


    Is the cube still available? thanks
  5. Hellis

    Wanted - Eglu Cube

    Thank you, I did see your post - its a bit more than we are looking to spend at the moment. But thank you.
  6. Hellis

    Pest control

    yes we take it all in and try not to leave scraps out etc, but looking for suggestions of bait boxes to use alongside this.
  7. Hellis

    Wanted - Eglu Cube

    Thanks for the heads up! yes we have the small original at the moment and have been pleased with it although the girls are a little squished at night, although they don't complain! So they can manage for the foreseeable but we have quite a lot of work on the house at the moment! (the joy of first time buying!)
  8. Hellis

    Wanted - Eglu Cube

    Yes been keeping an eye on there, all a little out the price range at the moment I think !
  9. Hellis

    Pest control

    Hi All, Best recommendations of pest/rat control along side chickens and other pets/wildlife. Thanks Hannah
  10. Hellis

    Easter swap 2019

    when will this have to posted by?
  11. Hi All, Looking for an eglu cube, near to Norfolk/Suffolk we are just on the boarder near Thetford and can collect. We have just bought our first house and would love to have a cube for the girls. Cheap as possible! thank you Hannah
  12. Hellis

    Bitzas/cross breeds

    Hi all thank you for your replies, maybe I wasn’t clear I’m looking for random mixed breeds not hybrids I’ve got a silky cross pekin I really like her, so anything along those lines rather than you typical mixed breeds
  13. Hellis

    Bitzas/cross breeds

    HI yes they only do purebreds, I have contacted most the local ones to no avail as yet!
  14. yes I use it as its milled locally to me, milled in copdock near Ipswich. although I use their corn mix and pellets
  15. Hellis

    Bitzas/cross breeds

    Hi All, I have a couple of cross breed hens I love, however the lady I got them from has given up chooks. Where do you all get them from, do you find them with breeders or is it something you do for yourself as such? I am based in Suffolk near Bury St Edmunds if anyone knows where I might find any? I just find them more fun than 'breeds' I guess!