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  1. Hellis

    Hybred Bantams

    I saw them advertised on FB with the pure breed poultry company so not sure if its one of the same but might be worth a look out of curiosity. I am torn between 2 and 2 or 4 hybrids with a variety of egg laying colours which I am leaning towards
  2. Hellis

    Hybred Bantams

    yes I do - was a bit tired yesterday post nightshift! ok that's what I thought I have only seen them a couple of places and was skeptical about them being a thing as such. I do like the pekins and might just have them for the fun/colour aspect and have a couple of hybrids for the eggs!
  3. Hi all hybred bantams - I’ve seen a few adverts for POL hybred bantams however not a lot of information about them, does anyone own any? Trying to choose what we will get possibly 2 pekins and 2 hybred but if the hybred bantams are a breed as such then I would lean towards 4 of those thanks all!!
  4. I emailed and heard back yesterday to say they are coming back into stock but currently out of stock as they are Unassembled in the warehouse
  5. Hello all I would appreciate it if someone with an original eglu classic could measure the egg laying area and send the measurement - most interested in the width - I’m just trying to decide which one I am going to get! thank you! hannah
  6. Hi all I have a eglu purple original for rabbits and I would like to have chickens so I’m looking for the conversion tray for it if anyone’s selling one? Thanks hannah