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    Introducing one chicken to existing two

    Thanks Cat tails. I am kicking myself for not buying two together, as we have the space, so would happily buy another if it would help the situation, but I'm worried about making it worse!
  2. I'm a very novice chicken keeper, and bought my first two chickens just over a week ago. I added a different breed on Friday, and there has been a bit of bullying towards the newest ever since. We let them free range together when we are around to supervise, and the newest gets chased around a bit, but has plenty of room to escape. We have segregated the run for when they have to be shut into it, so they can see each other but can't get to each other. I feel sorry for the newest one, as she is on her own. Does anyone think it would be helpful to get another one to go with her (same age)? Or would this potentially make the situation worse?? I'd be grateful of any advice.