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  1. Hello, Thank you for all your really helpful replies we are off to visit a lady who breeds chickens on Sunday to get an idea of which we prefer and get some advice. We have also booked on to a chicken keeping course which we are really looking forward to, I think this will go through everything from handling the chickens to advice on coops etc!! Do you all have wooden coops? Thank you for the advice on the dogs Dogmother, our boy doesn't really have much of a prey drive, as long as he has a ball he's not really interested in much else!! But of course we will make sure the hens are safe and undisturbed, like anything it will take time for him to get used to something new being in the garden....he doesn't mind the wood pigeons on the bird feeder
  2. Wow they are stunning!! I love how fluffy they are! I think what we need to decide then is if eggs are important or just having a pet Thanks so much for your reply!
  3. Hello, I hope I'm in the right place! My husband and I have decided to get som chickens and are really excited. We have been give conflicting advice on different breeds best for beginners, we really wanted Pekins but have been told they are too broody and difficult for beginners and by someone else they are great. Can anyone offer any advice? We have a decent sized garden with plenty of shrubs surrounding it, not just grass. Is it better to get larger foul? I should also mention we have a dog....he's quite strong minded but gets used to other animals quickly...he's great with my parents cats and we're hoping he will learn to protect the hens. Thanks in advance! Bev

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