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  1. Thanks AndyRoo, managed to get some Rhode Island reds and welsummer bantams from contacts of your suggestions. (Had difficulties trying to find what I was after).
  2. Thanks all, I’ve managed to get some welsummers and Rhode Island Red bantams, most places I contacted only had Pekins or Poland’s ? couldn’t have chosen I hotter time to buy chickens !!! so will now keep making eye out for white layers. thanks
  3. Hello, Can anybody recommend a bantam breeder around South Wales area, I have only found 2 to date, waiting to hear off one. thanks
  4. Thanks all for your suggestions, I will see what the breeder has, but I needed an idea what I required.
  5. Hi Daphne good point, another basic question is it a case of white ear lobe birds - white eggs ?
  6. After a bit of research, how’s the below options:- Barnevelder Marans Rhode Island Red Light Sussex Thanks
  7. Hello and thanks for your response, that explains the hybrid question, will now wait for suitable breed suggestions thanks
  8. Hello All, Newbie to this so I’m sure this question has been asked before but couldn’t find any recently. I have just purchased a Classic and is erected and ready to go, I have found a breeder, so now I need advice on which Bantam would be suitable, I’m going for the bantam because I’m limited with space with a 3 metre run. Im after a good layer I know they’re not as prolific as the larger breed, I’m sure I’ve read the polish breed is good, also would like a range of different colour eggs to go with the choice. I presume bantams have hybrids same as normal sized breeds ? Im after 3 hens in total, any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks David
  9. Looking for a eglu classic, in very good condition, only few years old. Thanks

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