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  1. Hi my eglu classic is still available if you are interested
  2. Yes I hope it’s loaded I’ve been having trouble
  3. Eglu classic in faded green. Damage to the inside base (I think a rat has had a chew.) This doesn’t affect the coop and you can’t see it from outside. It comes with the grub/glug feeders also in green, a large bin for food storage, an Omlet roosting bar, feed, some straw, mite powder and various bits. A faded green sun shade and a clear plastic rain cover these are long enough to cover the entire. There is the standard run and an extra metre of Omlet run. There’s fox proof net fencing (a few metres) and stakes again bought from Omlet. We are down to one hen now and feel we want to claim back the part of the garden the hens have. I’m not sure if it’s allowed but our sweet white hen (about two years) old can go too. Offers invited for a complete package.
  4. Hi is this still for sale? Many thanks
  5. Hi I wondered if your swing was still available? Many thanks
  6. Morning please can you tell me if this is still for sale? Thank you Ive just seen your answer sorry for the delay. I am still interested if you still have it (£12)
  7. Long shot but is this still for sale? Thank you
  8. Morning please can you tell me if this is still for sale? Thank you

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