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  1. Cheers Andy, I think mine is a Classic Mk1 ? Brought a couple of years ago, but one thing and another (including the Wife not really wanting Chickens 😢) meant I never got to use it. Its in great condition, I think !! Seen some in worse or similar on eBay going for £300. Sad to not realise my hope of keeping chicken, but hopefully it will bring joy to someone else. Mark
  2. Hi, where is the best place to sell my Eglu Classic ? I’ve seen them on eBay, was just wondering if the prices are good on here ? I’m in North Hertfordshire
  3. Hi, I though I’d got a bargin, as I could convert my Eglu Classic to the Rabbit hutch no problems !! But alas, I get it home and find out it’s a Mark 1, which the convertion kit doesn’t fit 😡😡 Has anybody found any kits for a Mark 1 for Rabbits or managed to convert it themselves ? Also my droppings tray is short, is this normal or has it been modified ? There is also wire underneath, is this standard ? Thanks for your help 😎

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