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  1. Just a note to say that our Eglus now have a new home and I hope they give as much good service and pleasure as they did for us. This topic is now complete
  2. Hi JurgaRat, yes they're still here if you want to come and look at them - you could take them away with you if you like them and have big enough transport. Let me know when and I'll message you the address (I'm in Garforth, Leeds).
  3. Hi all, My wife (Trish Fearnley) was quite active on here at one point and we had acted as a holiday home for hens a few times locally a few years ago. She sadly died earlier this year and it's taken me a while to decide that I don't want to keep hens any more. Anyway, this leaves me with two Eglus - one an old (green) Mk1 classic (I think) and one a more recent (purple) classic (slightly bigger than the old one). There is also a run and some worse-for-wear netting/fencing as well if any use, plus a water feeder and a very battered food feeder ("food feeder" sounds daft but you'll know what I mean) and an amount of organic layers pellets. The Eglus have been cleaned since the last occupants but have since been vacant over winter, so they need a good wash (power-washer for outside would be ideal). I'd like to give these away to someone just starting or wanting to expand, etc. so that they are a benefit to someone. You'd need to collect (or arrange transport) from Leeds (LS25). Is anyone interested, or know someone who is starting out, perhaps?

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