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  1. So sorry to hear about your sad time of it. I hope things get better x x
  2. Hope you got on OK at one of those new vets LAS. Will defo make life easier and less stressy for you to have a surgery you can get to mid-week if needs be.
  3. Have you managed to get an appointment at the vets yet for your 2 poorly girls likeastar--x?
  4. I hope the vet can help you later today - do let us all know how it goes x
  5. Happy Birthday and what a top friend you have!! That is a fab gift
  6. A while ago one of our two hens was sick and it looked like we were going to have to have her put down But thankgoodness she has pulled through and is still with us It did make us realise though that should anything happen to one of our hens it would leave the other girl alone Me and hubby have both had a week off work at home over the Christmas break - and so it seemed like a good chance to get 2 new girls so we could be around everyday for the introductions to our existing girls - Hurrah!!! Introductions have gone suprisingly very well - and today they are all having their first free range together :-) There's a group dust bathe (or in this weather 'frosty dust bathe') going on at the moment. Sooooo here's a (not very good) pic of Bella and Luna I'm so pleased they have settled in very well with Hedwig and Hermione
  7. It took my girls two months before we got our first egg. Two months exactly in fact - the precise little madams :-)
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. I think your first omlet ladies are that extra bit special aren't they.
  9. They do look ever so sorry for themselves when about to pass a softie. Glad your girl is OK x
  10. So sorry to hear about your Evadne x x It sounds like she was a very much loved hen and had the best life possible with you. Lots of hugs and best wishes for the future x
  11. Hi - we've been to the Domestic Fowl Trust at Honeybourne, which has birds for sale: The Domestic Fowl Trust Station Road Honeybourne Evesham WR11 7QZ www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/
  12. Yes ours do this too - they like to push their pellets onto the floor and peck at them there. Popping a small tray under the grub seems to have worked OK
  13. My Hedwig is like a hoover when it comes to peas and it is a bit alarming how quickly she gulps down broadbeans (as though she hasn't eaten for a week - she can't eat them quickly enough!!) - but "Hedwig the Hoover" will stop when she's full
  14. I think this is really good advice. If anything similar ever happens again your first priority must be warmth and safety and if possible fluids (plastic syringe perhaps if she won't drink?) until you can get her to a vet asap, definately keep the dog/other pets out of the way. I'd definately make sure you have got this covered before taking on the responsibility of another hen. All the best and hope your other girls have recovered OK from their scare x x

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