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  1. So sorry to hear about your sad time of it. I hope things get better x x
  2. Hope you got on OK at one of those new vets LAS. Will defo make life easier and less stressy for you to have a surgery you can get to mid-week if needs be.
  3. Have you managed to get an appointment at the vets yet for your 2 poorly girls likeastar--x?
  4. I hope the vet can help you later today - do let us all know how it goes x
  5. Happy Birthday and what a top friend you have!! That is a fab gift
  6. A while ago one of our two hens was sick and it looked like we were going to have to have her put down But thankgoodness she has pulled through and is still with us It did make us realise though that should anything happen to one of our hens it would leave the other girl alone Me and hubby have both had a week off work at home over the Christmas break - and so it seemed like a good chance to get 2 new girls so we could be around everyday for the introductions to our existing girls - Hurrah!!! Introductions have gone suprisingly very well - and today they are all having their first free range together :-) There's a group dust bathe (or in this weather 'frosty dust bathe') going on at the moment. Sooooo here's a (not very good) pic of Bella and Luna I'm so pleased they have settled in very well with Hedwig and Hermione
  7. It took my girls two months before we got our first egg. Two months exactly in fact - the precise little madams :-)
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss. I think your first omlet ladies are that extra bit special aren't they.
  9. They do look ever so sorry for themselves when about to pass a softie. Glad your girl is OK x
  10. So sorry to hear about your Evadne x x It sounds like she was a very much loved hen and had the best life possible with you. Lots of hugs and best wishes for the future x
  11. Hi - we've been to the Domestic Fowl Trust at Honeybourne, which has birds for sale: The Domestic Fowl Trust Station Road Honeybourne Evesham WR11 7QZ www.domesticfowltrust.co.uk/
  12. Yes ours do this too - they like to push their pellets onto the floor and peck at them there. Popping a small tray under the grub seems to have worked OK
  13. My Hedwig is like a hoover when it comes to peas and it is a bit alarming how quickly she gulps down broadbeans (as though she hasn't eaten for a week - she can't eat them quickly enough!!) - but "Hedwig the Hoover" will stop when she's full
  14. I think this is really good advice. If anything similar ever happens again your first priority must be warmth and safety and if possible fluids (plastic syringe perhaps if she won't drink?) until you can get her to a vet asap, definately keep the dog/other pets out of the way. I'd definately make sure you have got this covered before taking on the responsibility of another hen. All the best and hope your other girls have recovered OK from their scare x x
  15. Very sorry to hear about bon bon x
  16. I put up a bit of tinsel (out of pecking range) for my 2 girls last year http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1923512&l=c1a6b&id=603395354
  17. Hiya!! Bet you can't wait till your girls arrive We have found the Omlet netting to be really good - so easy to move about and also doesn't really stick out like a sore thumb cos of the dark green colour.
  18. Thankyou sooooo much for all your lovely responses. Absolutely - I guess people who haven't had chooks themselves just don't understand what fab, funny and friendly (even if it is only belly-love!!) pets they are (and the eggs are a bonus!!). I was outside this morning before work with last nights left over pasta , peas, and corn. Pleased to see Hermione eating. Have also cleaned out the eglu - fresh straw and paper. Going to make sure she has the best week ever just in case. Cheers again! I had drifted away from this forum a bit (started a new job earlier in the year which is pretty strict about internet access) had forgotten what a supportive and helpful community this is!! Will definately be making the time to 'omlet' more again from now on!! x
  19. Hermione hen and her partner in crime Hedwig hen arrived from Omlet last August 07. I love them both to bits and they've really made a suprising impact on our lives. Can't imagine ever not keeping chickens in the future! Hermione hen has been looking off colour the last few days and not laying. We wondered if she was egg bound and followed all the advice about it on this forum (thanks everyone!!!!!) with no results. Today hubby took her to the vet who found a lump and suspects she has cancer, however did give us the slight hope, if not cancer, then an infection which we are going to attempt to treat over the next 7 days. It's really sad but I know there's nothing we can do - just have to see if the medicine makes a diference. Hedwig and Hermione are such a great little team, it will be very sad to see that come to an end. I am realistic though and know that we have given her the life of luxury and have done all we can in terms of trying to make her better, so all we can do is wait and see. I've been a bit saddened though by the responses I've had from people at work when I've told them. They seem to think it is funny because 'she's only a chicken', even making jokes about it. Yes I know she's only a chook but she is still a pet to us and I can't imagine people would find it funny if it was a dog or cat. Anyhoo - just needed to have a bit of a rant and hoped that perhaps people on here would understand how you do see a chook as a pet - especially one of your first Omlet girls! Thanks x
  20. Welcome Soon you'll find yourself talking chickens to people ..... a lot!! Also be prepared to develop an interest in chicken poo as well We are so happy with our chooks - they kind of do make a big change to your life And this forum is fantastic support !!!!!!! Good luck!! x
  21. Just been googling for some chicken infomation and came across this very anti-chicken keeping rant. Cripes - this lady really does not like chooks!!!! http://www.samantha-david.com/secret-cevennes-4.htm
  22. The other week my hubby commented how quickly the chooks are getting through our latest bag of pellets. It was only at the weekend I realised that at times it's like a hitchcock film in our back garden with all the birds swooping in and out and in and out of the run to grab some grub. Big ones and little ones and you can see them gathering on the telephone line and on tops of the hedges waiting for a good time to swoop in!!! Have thought about popping the grub and glug in through the eglu and hooking them onto the run just outside the eglu entrance instead, thinking the birds might not venture that far in (we have run, converter and extension) ... haven't tried it yet though!!!

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