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  1. Hi My 2 pekins are both broody, I have put duck eggs underneath them 1 will this be ok 2 i believe 28 days is the incubation 3 will i have to remove mother and ducklings from eglu and cube on hatching away ffrom the other chickens sorry for all the questions, this wasnt planned, i couldnt let the eggs just die Sarah
  2. hi i leave the eglu open, the 2 pekins live in there within the walk in run i have had to close the cube door because they would get up at 5ish sometimes and wake us and i was worried they would wake the neighbours they get let out at 7am now and seem happy enough, they are allowed all day freeranging so they are spoilt sarah
  3. hi i put pellets in the grub and make them up a bowl of porridge with the mash and warm water every morning, they love it. i use the wiggly wigglers mash with bokashi sarah
  4. hi i have 2 pekin bantams and a cat and i too was worried because the lavender pekin is tiny but they have been fine with the cat, she is frightened of them all. it is fair to say she is a bit of a scaredey cat though sarah
  5. ness what are shoesnow cats i am intrigued sarah
  6. hi dont worry you will love having them, i have had mine nearly 2 years now and touc wood no health problems they are low maintainance but you cant help spending time outside them as they are so funny and entertaining to watch. just try to relax and enjoy them, if you do have any concerns there is always someone here to answer questions however silly you might think they are. sarah
  7. thanks for your help indie i dont know where the boy found it or how long he had it, he did look for mum though. anyway as posted on chickens, the poor little thing died. thanks again sarah
  8. hi thanks for the replies, unfortunately it started flinging its head back then had a small fit and died. i wonder if it was unwell which is why it had been abandoned, anyway we did do our best but it was not meant to be sarah
  9. it is at a marina, there are lots of seaguls and mink about so i know it would not survive, the boy found it in the water on its own, it is very quiet, i have wrapped it in a soft cloth to keep it warm. i have got a broody lamp at home, so i thought i would put it under that, and get some chick crumbs, how would i get water into it. sarah
  10. i have kept it warm i will get some chick crumbs later sarah
  11. hi all a baby duck very young has just been handed to me (malard) what do i do to look after it sarah
  12. hi i am a chicken keeper so very limited duck knowledge. a baby malard (very young) was found by a young boy it was lost. i have taken it and for him but dont know what to do with it next please advice i have a broody lamp so should i put it under there sarah
  13. mine have a perch in they run and they do like it alot sarah
  14. hi i am very that you are having pekin frizzles, i want some, good job i dont live near. sarah
  15. hi i dont think you will have anything to worry about they will be too busy wrecking your garden to even think about escaping i have never clipped my girls wings and they are out all day making a mess, i dont think they know there is any more world to explore over the fence good luck, it is very stressful the first freerange i remember, but sweetcorn always rules the day sarah
  16. ahhhhhhhhh they are gorgeous, i am quite when i mention hatching some eggs they all shout at me sarah
  17. of course you are not silly, everyone on here worries about their chickens, they are the first thing i rush in to see when i get home from work (dont tell the kids) sarah
  18. i think Jan is going to be too old and retire before she even starts i was looking for an excuse to buy another eggskelter for my baby eggs i will just have to buy one ready if you think she will eventually lay sarah
  19. i had the 2 in october and they were 8-10 weeks old lou lou (lavender) started laying about a month ago, but naughty Jan (silver partridge) is not even crouching could Jan be John? they are at least 8 months old now, is this unusual or normal for pekins? any ideas from you knowledgable lot sarah
  20. hi just found the info, the place in malvern is called brambles the web site is www.specialbreeds.co.uk the lady is called julie and she is very helpful hope this is of some use sarah
  21. hi i live in south wales also i got my first birds from the poultry mill, near bridgend, i also got 2 pekins from the rare breeds on the malvern hills she has a large selection of lovely birds, i would recommend both places sarah
  22. hi i mow when mine are out free ranging, they looked worried the first time but now they dont take any notice and just carry on making a mess sarah
  23. hi i have 2 tortoises and 6 chickens and they all free range together, i worried that the chickens might peck them but they do not bother each other sarah
  24. what a funny beautiful chicken but what a garden, it is fantastic, i bet it took years to get to be that beautiful sarah
  25. oh how awful for you aaron was she unwell sarah

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