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  1. The wood chips are on gravel. I'm going to try to get the door fitted for easier access to the other end of the run. Do you think it would be useful to hose down the chips too? Or would that make the problem worse? Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi all, Been thinking about keeping chickens for years but, for one reason or another, I never took the plunge. Recently, we have - we set up an eglu classic on hard wood chippings and yesterday we brought home two hens (a Warren and a Light Sussex). I'm wondering how to clean the hard wood chippings - we've been picking out the bits we can see at the front of the run, but the other end is so hard to get to - really not happy with the run compared to the eglu itself. We've raked over, picked up big bits of poo and we've put Stalosan down too. Should we hose/watering can the chips at night maybe? Would it be worth putting easichick down on top of the chips? Feeling a bit anxious as we have a small garden with neighbours close by and I want the run and coop clean so there's no smells - we're already getting lots of flies and it's only the first 24 hours (think it's because it's so dry and hot at the moment though). Thanks in advance for your help.

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