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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have only put one feeding and one water station but that’s a good idea, I’ll double it. They have an eglu go and a 2m run so it’s not huge, but they’ll have free reign of the garden at least 4 days a week and the garden is a good size. I’m hoping they’ll settle in quickly.
  2. Hi, Please help! Got three ex batts yesterday, never kept chickens before. Within half an hour the largest chicken began bullying the other two, she’s constantly going for them and biting them hard. She won’t let them near the food, they’re scared to come out of their Eglu into the run. Any advice? Is this normal as we only got them yesterday so is it an expected part of establishing the pecking order, or should I intervene? Also, I found one trampled on egg this morning. How do you stop them from doing that? Any help would be so welcome, thanks. Katharine

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