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  1. Thank you, that's great to know! We have just ordered a large walk on run. Hopefully I won't change my mind again. 😂
  2. Ok, I'll make sure they are safely locked in at night. What is the normal time for them to be put in there? Also we are going away in holiday for a week in July, I will be getting someone in to open the eglu door and put them back in at night. Would it be ok to keep them in the eglu run which is 3 meters and not let them into the free range area? Or would they be too squashed in that area all week?
  3. Thanks for your replies. We have had a change of plan and Will be moving the area to the end of the garden, where there are a few trees and its kind of rough land with leaves and no grass. we will fence it in with a picket fence and attach the netting inside the fence. I'm all new to this! Will the chickens be safe in this area roaming as I'm assuming it's at night if a fox comes? And they will be in their eglu by then?
  4. We have made a roaming area with the eglu netting, the cube and run are going inside the netting. Can the chickens escape over it or under the netting? We are getting rescue hens.
  5. Hi, We are getting rescue chickens and are hoping to buy a eglu cube for them the up type! With run. Thank you. Louise.

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