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  1. I like the title of the topic though
  2. How are the puppies now?
  3. Diana Welz

    doggie DNA

    Thank you for the information, I also need to check the breed of my dog because my friend who gave me this dog is a mixture of pitbull and Labrador but all I can see is she is a pure Labrador. By the way, I saw this dog DNA Test Kit, it is the same with your explanation that I need to swab my dog's cheek then I have to send it to them and will receive the results in two weeks. What do you think about this product?
  4. I have Leghorn Bantams in my poultry and it gives me a good profit because of its eggs.
  5. What a beautiful puppy, Is she a Golden Retriever?
  6. Diana Welz

    doggie DNA

    I didn't know that you can check the DNA of dogs. How do you do it? Do you bring him to a laboratory or does it have a kit for DNA? You know like a Pregnancy Kit Test Kit?

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