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  1. B.B.

    Treadle feeder training

    I have the exact same feeder. I put a brick on it to keep it open for a couple of days and took all other food out and they were using it in no time. They spill a lot of food though and I have to periodically move it and clean the build up of pellets off the ground around the base. So all in all not very rat proof, but I haven't had a problem with rodents so far and it's been a month and a half. The nice thing is that it is water proof and I can fill it up and it will feed my girls for almost two weeks. Two of them can feed at the same time but they both have to be standing on the treadle to get their heads in. It's a requirement for having chickens on the allotment to use this type of feeder. I don't know if it's really any better than the glug that comes with the Eglu. https://www.westfalia.net/shops/farming/livestock_farming/poultry_farming/feeding_poultry/1574217-automatic-feed-dispenser-12-kg-max-with-drinking-trough.htm
  2. So start them young on it... I was afraid of that.
  3. Thanks Cat tails. I shut them up in the eglu at night and I hope that there's enough activity during the day on the allotment to keep the foxes at bay (I've never seen them during the day). We also buried a "skirt" of wire about a foot deep around the run. Not much else I can do, so I just hope it's enough! Behind the trees in the first picture is also a rugby pitch and a foot path, so there's usually some human activity in the area throughout the day. Have you ever tried the chicken swing? I desperately want them to swing!
  4. Just wanted to share a picture of our new walk in run! I couldn't afford the Omlet walk in run, but found this one on ebay. So far so good. Our hens are on our allotment. They don't have grass, and it's going to be a permanent run, but I give them lettuce and weeds and green stuff on a daily basis. They're really curious little things. I have the Chicken swing, but I've never seen any of them use it. Any suggestions on how to get them to use it?
  5. Can wet wipes be composted? I'm thinking because of the chemicals, no. Does anyone know of a brand that can be composted? Or if I switch wet wipes for paper towel and just water, or disinfectant do you think I could compost? I mean on my own compost heap at the allotment, not the council green bins. Otherwise I'd have to take all the wipes and anything else home with me, which is doable, but it would be easier if I could throw everything on the compost pile.
  6. B.B.

    Beginner's luck!

    Thank you both! It is helpful just to hear what others are doing. I get the feeling there is not always a right or wrong way when it comes to chickens (well for some things anyways). But hearing your experience with them is exactly what I was looking for. I did have one friend I work with who has hens say "less is more", and that I was over doing it when I said I take them little treats every time I visit: a few grapes, half a banana, pieces of cucumber. But I really want my girls to like me. He said to just throw them some weeds and they will love it.
  7. I have to share. First time chicken keeper here, and yesterday I brought home 3 hens. All hybrids, two are based on the rhode island red, and the third is based on an auracana. I have them in an Eglu Go Up at my allotment. I rocked up to the plot around 10pm last night (dusk) and they were all three in the eglu!!! I was shocked, I closed the door and that was it, done. Easy Peasy. I read so much about how difficult it may be, I had a torch and broom ready just in case. This morning I left the eglu door shut after cleaning it out (rookie mistake), but when I checked on them at lunch the araucana hybrid had laid an egg on the ground!!! I thought it would be weeks before they started to lay eggs. She was slightly older than the other two by a few weeks, but does this mean they are happy and the move wasn't too stressful? A few other questions if anyone is willing... 1. Do they need water overnight in the eglu? The country store owner where I buy my chicken feed sounded shocked that nothing was provided with the Eglu for overnight water...especially on hot summer nights. I hadn't thought of it until she mentioned it. 2. When should I start de-worming them? I was thinking of using the pellets with flubvanet, but when should I think about feeding them this for the first time? I want to be proactive and don't want to wait for a problem to arise! 3. How often should I add apple cider vinegar to their water? Do you do this regularly, so the only water they ever drink has acv in it? Thanks in advance! I love this forum and have spent hours on it recently trying to absorb as much as possible but there is so much, dating back years, so apologies if I'm repeating previously asked questions. Those are my girls in the photo below, staring at the egg like it came from outer space!
  8. Thank you Cat Tails. My hens are on my allotment and we’ve seen plenty of fox and other animal activity so will definitely be closing the coop door every night! It makes more sense now and I think I’ll save the straw for the pumpkin patch and go pick up some wood chips for the nesting dip. After posting my comment I kept reading and feel more prepared and knowledgeable in general about chicken keeping! This forum is pure gold! I feel lucky that my girls all found their own way into the coop last night, I showed up to shut the door, no fuss, no drama, just a bit of patience! I like your cleaning method because we don’t have running water so “hosing down” anything isn’t an option.
  9. Ok so newbie here. This is my first night with the hens in my eglu go up. I feel like an idiot though because I filled the entire eglu with straw. But I can tell from your pictures that’s not what I should have done! Do you lock your chickens up at night in the eglu? I have three, how do they decide who gets the nesting area? Do the others just sleep on the plastic on either side of the the nesting dip bit? I bought mine second hand so maybe didn’t get all the instructions? Going to follow your other suggestions for cleaning though. Thanks!