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  1. Gorgeous embden gosling for sale - mainly eating grass with some unmedicated chick crumb. Doesn't need heat during the day. Hatched under my broody hen.
  2. Could you send me photos of this please. And where abouts are you located?
  3. Just run required for cube mk 1.
  4. I have the Go coop just wanting a run to make it more chick friendly. I'm in Leeds but can travel a bit. Be glad to hear from anyone who can help me.
  5. All in good used condition. The cover is only a few weeks old. Will be pressure washed and ready for collection. £250 ONO. Happy for you to come and see but only reasonable offers please. Goose not included 😊
  6. Willing to travel a bit wanting a cube no run required in good condition and reasonable price.
  7. Thanks - We have built a walk in run now, but could be interested - could you send me pics?
  8. Title says it really. Have the Eglu Go coop already but rather wary of a big cat that has recently started lurking. Would be happier if my hens were in a run and just in the garden when I'm out there. Thanks!
  9. As title above really, kids keen to get a couple of hens and the eglu's look great.
  10. Is this Eglu go and run still available? I live in leeds and am very interested. Thanks,

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