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  1. Just run required for cube mk 1.
  2. I have the Go coop just wanting a run to make it more chick friendly. I'm in Leeds but can travel a bit. Be glad to hear from anyone who can help me.
  3. All in good used condition. The cover is only a few weeks old. Will be pressure washed and ready for collection. £250 ONO. Happy for you to come and see but only reasonable offers please. Goose not included 😊
  4. Willing to travel a bit wanting a cube no run required in good condition and reasonable price.
  5. Thanks - We have built a walk in run now, but could be interested - could you send me pics?
  6. Title says it really. Have the Eglu Go coop already but rather wary of a big cat that has recently started lurking. Would be happier if my hens were in a run and just in the garden when I'm out there. Thanks!
  7. As title above really, kids keen to get a couple of hens and the eglu's look great.
  8. Is this Eglu go and run still available? I live in leeds and am very interested. Thanks,

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