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  1. I have a Cube MK1 for sale, green with 4m run & feeders. Can send pictures.2 Copper Marans if you would like them. (POL this year) Lowestoft.
  2. Selling my Eglu Cube MK1....4m....Green, very good condition with glugs & feeders. Comes with 2 Copper Marans (POL this year) if required. Buyer must collect. Lowestoft area . £375
  3. Hi AnneEgg Don't know if you are still looking but I have the Eglu Cube MK1 complete with two Copper Marans.(POL this year) The chooks you can have but I do need to sell the Cube. If you or somebody you know would like the Cube I am selling it for £350. Very good condition, I have photo's if required.
  4. Just purchased 4 POL....2 white Sussex, 2 copper Marian's. Bought from a local breeder, so more a business than pets. Had them just over a week now, very timid so not yet feeding from my hand, (as I have experienced in past)..they tend to move back when my hand advances with some feed...are they still getting used to me, they are very unsure...just a matter of time??
  5. Collected 4 POL a few days ago. Is there a settllng in period before they start laying?.....also how often should I add AC vinegar to their drinking water..thanks
  6. Just purchased 4 POL.... Roughly how many grams of feed should I be giving per hen? Using Pellets.
  7. Firstly I am sure this question has been asked many a time so I apologise. Just put together a Cube with 4m run on grass. Not yet chosen the girls. I know the grass will not last too long. On reading, I do like the description of Aubiose, being easily compostable (a bonus) I guess Easichick is similar...Could I use Aubiose (or either) in nest box, or should I use something softer?....thoughts please...
  8. Lovely looking trio!.. just put together a second hand Cube...just need the chooks...plan to get these when back off holiday.
  9. Thinking of getting a few bantams. Would possibly like a Bant cockerel. I also have neighbours. Volume wise can I expect as much as a standard cockerel. Are they generally a quieter bird?
  10. I'm looking for either the ''Classic'or ''Go'.... don't mind traveling a little way. Thanks.

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