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  1. Chick Chick

    Hen or Cockerel ?

    How old are they? I think you will need to wait until they are a bit older to be honest and a side on photo of the full chick would be easier to tell from. At the moment Im guessing one female, one male and one I'm not sure
  2. Thanks for the link @ajm200 😀
  3. That looks great @ajm200, where did you get the mesh from?
  4. Chick Chick

    Earache relief

    I hope you get it sorted and are feeling much better soon AJM
  5. Chick Chick

    Hens for Children, Bantams or Silkies?

    Thank you for all the replies it is great hearing how everyone has gotten on with the breeds. @Lewis thank you for recommending the Wyandotte, they look lovely and will definitely be getting some, they are on my list, not just the children's. My children keep changing their minds about the Silkies, though we have another month before they will be ready for sale (just balls of fluff at the moment) so they have a bit of time to choose. Knowing them I will end up increasing the maximum amount of hens I have said they can have and they will get a mix of both..... Not sure who is more excited me or them 😁
  6. Chick Chick

    Hens for Children, Bantams or Silkies?

    Thanks @Patricia W definitely getting some Bantams and some Silkies 😁😁 @Lewis that's the problem, they have everything, having to set a maximum number of hens then decide which ones we want the most... not the worst problem to have 😁
  7. Chick Chick

    Hens for Children, Bantams or Silkies?

    Thanks @Patricia W, your Madonna sounds fantastic. To be honest my current hens are great with the children, they just saw some bantams and thought they looked lovely then saw some silkies when I was looking for bantams for sale and liked them too so couldn't decide which to get. The more I see of them (online searches) the more Im thinking we may need to get both 😁😁
  8. Chick Chick

    Hens for Children, Bantams or Silkies?

    Thanks @mullethunter
  9. Chick Chick

    Hens for Children, Bantams or Silkies?

    Thanks @mullethunter, it's friendly Im looking for mainly, my current hens are quite nice and sorted out their own pecking order without much fuss so I'm hoping they would take to new hens well. Sorry if its a silly question but are they ok with the steps up to the cube?
  10. Hello, my children are wanting some new hens and Im wondering which is the best breed to go for. They like the look of bantams because they are small and pretty they also like the look of silkies because they are fluffy and pretty 😁 Is one better suited for children over the other? Will either mix with my existing flock better than the other? Any opinions appreciated.
  11. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    Lovely to see your flower photos, it is great seeing plants growing again in the garden. Today I finally got my cut flower bed created and Dahlias planted so hopefully they will grow and give plenty of flowers. Also got some seeds in the propagator just started sprouting. I have a small pot of wild garlic, not really enough to eat but I love the smell 😀 I like the sound of your edible hedge @Valkyrie, be good to hear how you get on with it.
  12. Chick Chick

    Auto doors

    Hi I have one of the newer Omlet auto doors and have no issues with it at all.
  13. Chick Chick

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    @ajm200 ah sorry didn't realise they were out of stock and not much use if they aren't stable. Would a treadle feeder maybe work instead
  14. Chick Chick

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    Hi, there is probably another way, I can't think of, but I did notice the other day that omlet sell stands for the grub and glug on their site
  15. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    @ajm200 they sound like lovely hens. I've not had chickens a full year yet, but I am loving their different personalities and spend too much time watching their antics. @Daphne thank you, that is very helpful! this will be my first bed for cut flowers Im looking for cheap and cheerful as I am also doing it for reasons of economy 😁 I will be delighted if I can have some flowers, in a vase, grown in my own garden.