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  1. Chick Chick

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    @ajm200 ah sorry didn't realise they were out of stock and not much use if they aren't stable. Would a treadle feeder maybe work instead
  2. Chick Chick

    Hanging grub in mainly glass run

    Hi, there is probably another way, I can't think of, but I did notice the other day that omlet sell stands for the grub and glug on their site
  3. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    @ajm200 they sound like lovely hens. I've not had chickens a full year yet, but I am loving their different personalities and spend too much time watching their antics. @Daphne thank you, that is very helpful! this will be my first bed for cut flowers Im looking for cheap and cheerful as I am also doing it for reasons of economy 😁 I will be delighted if I can have some flowers, in a vase, grown in my own garden.
  4. Chick Chick

    What has happened to the forum?

    Happy Anniversary @ajm200
  5. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    Oh no ajm that’s such a shame your poor flowers. My girls pulled off all the flowers from my small potted rose I saw them getting the last couple they seemed to be having a great time. I’ve got them in an area away from my plants at the moment so hoping for less carnage this year...
  6. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    Lovely to see people have plants growing already. Some of my bulbs (in the pots) are coming up too early so not sure Im going to get the long lasting flower selection I was hoping for. I was thinking of getting one of Sarah Raven's cut flower collections for my empty bed, are there any other sites anyone could recommend who sell collections too? Im a beginner at growing cut flowers
  7. I agree with putting it on the outside, easier for cleaning and collecting eggs
  8. Chick Chick

    What has happened to the forum?

    Oh thank you! I hadn't realised there was a new recipe thread, will go have a look
  9. Chick Chick

    What has happened to the forum?

    Reading this I feel I have missed out. I have appreciated the recent advise I have received as a newbie chicken keeper and think this is a lovely forum! I am now off to see if I can find any of those yummy sounding recipes you have all been mentioning 😁
  10. Chick Chick

    Gardening thread

    Hello, can I join in please, a thread about gardening sounds great. I'm starting a new garden (all grass at the moment), Im making it up as I go along. Ive got a veg patch area and a bare flower bed I'm hoping to grow cut flowers in and a few pots that I have planted up so will see how they go this year.
  11. My hens are happy with the feeders but not the cockerels because they scrape their combs on them
  12. Chick Chick

    Hens in a cube

    Thank you. And thank you for pointing out the need for permanent run size to be taken in to account. I was thinking as they will be free range it was just the coop size I had to worry about for them. I will make sure their permanent run area is big enough to accommodate them if need be too.
  13. Hello, Just wondering how many average/medium hens will fit in a cube at night? Assuming run space is unlimited during the day its just for space for sleeping in at night. How many do you have in the cube? thanks in advance.
  14. Chick Chick

    What do you feed your hens?

    Thanks Dogmother, I will give that a go
  15. Chick Chick

    What do you feed your hens?

    Mine do like the Garvo treats, I haven't tried the alfa mix though, will have a look at that. Think Im going to give the smallholders pellets a try as have found a feed store closer than the one I was using that sells that but not the one they are currently on, hopefully they will like it.