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  1. Thats it, diurnal, I couldn't remember the term. I only shut the door when the weather was bad as thought I was doing the right thing stopped as soon as I learnt better. I think the best home I ever had for my rabbits was a large wooden dog kennel with attached run, it was secure had a large run area and because they went round the corner to sleep it was lovely and cosy (no drafts) even with the bottom door open in all weathers.
  2. Sorry not sure about the jacket as I don't think they had them when I had my bunny. I did use a snuggle safe heat pad sometimes but only when it was frosty/snowy. I also shut my bunny in at night though I have since seen a video on one of the bunny rescue sites saying they should not be shut in at night.
  3. Do you know what is attracting them to your garden? Bird feed on the ground (including wild bird feed) can attract them as can compost heaps etc. Could it be a neighbours they are being attracted by? Sorry I know you have probably been through all that already just would be great if you can eliminate the problem without using poison as it can kill peoples pets too. Lost a lovely cat who ate a rodent that had eaten poison 😢
  4. Not used it myself yet but am planning to give this grass seed mix a go for my chickens free range area: https://www.meadowmania.co.uk/grass-seed-for-hen-run-sp3a-1-kilo.htm
  5. Im not sure to be honest, but agree it is a pretty bird. Would be great to see another photo in a few weeks
  6. Hello, could anyone with pet mice please tell me which food you feed them? Thanks
  7. Thanks @soapdragon looking forward to giving the recipe a try. I like your name 😃 That sounds yummy!
  8. Oh dear thanks @Cat tails you are correct I meant @soapdragon will try to edit my post
  9. @soupdragon Please please could you give me your tomato and chilli jam recipe? I have just got a jam making kit and thought would have to wait until next year to make strawberry jam but I have tomatoes and I have chillies...
  10. If its not the battery you are probably best to give Omlet a call, their customer service team are very helpful
  11. Lovely looking hens, and fantastic mix of egg colours. My white leghorn is my tamest girl, though she is also top of the pecking order
  12. Just to answer my own question they are absolutely fine with the eglus roosting bars 😀
  13. I have finally got some Pekin and some Silkie growers. I am keeping them in an Eglu classic and I'm wondering if I should take out the roosting bars until the hens are fully grown or if they should manage now? Any opinions appreciated thanks.
  14. Hi, what kind of run do you have? If it is one of the ones that attaches to the Eglu if you use the screw pegs on the run it will also secure the Eglu (this is what I do as when it was very windy the wind would get under the cover that was on my run attached to the cube and lift it up a little but the screw pegs fixed this for me, I use them on the run attached to the classic now as a just in case) If there is nothing attached to the Eglu classic itself then I think its unlikely it would blow over but as you say assembling it first and seeing how it does before you get your hens is probably the best idea.
  15. How old are they? I think you will need to wait until they are a bit older to be honest and a side on photo of the full chick would be easier to tell from. At the moment Im guessing one female, one male and one I'm not sure

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