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  1. Does anyone leave their house door open overnight, when weather is warm? It is so early to get up at the moment and the house is in a secure run - just concerned about draughts and what other people thought. We have a Go Up house.
  2. Thanks. This is the first time we've lost chickens. I just hope it was quick....
  3. Thank you, that's a really good idea I'll do that, if nothing else it will remind me to check the lock. I'm so cross and upset with myself I'm usually so careful.
  4. I just wanted to share as had the most awful experience last night when I lost my two best hens to the dreaded fox. The back of the Eglu Go Up was on the floor when I got up in the morning. I can only assume that we had not locked it properly last night. I thought I had checked it, but in the rain, can't remember whether I checked the lock, I know it looked closed. I am heartbroken. We're putting some new hens in but I am nervous that we have a very clever fox who can open the back even if locked - I am looking for reassurance!! Thanks.

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