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  1. Thanks George, That's so kind..Unfortunately the sods (once again) took my entire flock...so I'm almost back to square one again..Just trying to repair my coop and upping security (yet again) before we go anywhere near keeping chooks again....Thank you though I really appreciate your kind offer x
  2. Thanks Patricia, yes its the structural housing bits I'm really looking for, so we can use the house again....The thieves left the house upended on its side, I think they may have had in mind to take the entire cube and had removed all the smaller components before realising it was a total ballache to try to get the main coop unit out of the large chicken pen that my partner had built...The other theory is that they wanted to vandalise the coop out of spite, but I'm sure they would have just smashed things on site and left them in situ rather than bothering to take them away..None of them have been found road-side either...am wondering if the theives might yet come back for rest of house...
  3. Thanks so much for your support Daphne, yes I think CCTV gonna have to be the way to go in the future..so upset by the whole thing, as I truly have no idea of the motive of these people, or what has happened to our pets!..sadly Omlet couldn't help with the house either, which is frustrating as the coop was bought from them as brand new I think only about 4 years ago...it was their office that suggested I try on the forum here....Will keep a look out...thanks again x Thanks Anne..What we really need to find are the MK1 plastic components- roof, sidedoor, droppings trays x2, and the glug..I can probaby do running repairs to the fox-proof run itself, and we have a large pen which encompasses the whole Cube and run making it fairly safe from foxes at least! I really appreciate you looking out for me..Thank you!! x
  4. Hi there! Thanks so much for your message...Yes definitely considering cameras now..such a shame to have to think like this..but enough is enough...Gonna be a while till I get things back on track for keeping chooks though..v upset by whole thing.
  5. I'm gutted, after years of keeping brahmas we have had two thefts of my chickens in just 6 months! Despite my partner building a much more secure area to keep our girls in the thieves broke in again over the weekend and took my 3 new baby Isabella brahmas, and tried to remove my entire eglu cube MK1...Absolutely heartbroken at these thieves taking our beloved pets..The first 5 they took this spring were very tame and all had names.....I had only brought these three a few weeks back as it took me a while to get my head around keeping them again, and feeling that they might be safe enough in their new enclosure...This time the thieves have also removed the roof, side door, both poop trays and the water bowl and door pins from our cube and taken them too. They lifted the whole house and run and couldn't get it over the enclosure that my partner had made for our girls, so just left it on its side with the fox proof run bent under the weight..Police hace once again been notified over this happening. But lord knows what they can do to get my girls back ...We have scoured the local lanes for the stolen cube bits, and Omlet apparently no longer stock any of these parts, despite my partner only buying the cube as brand new for me a few years ago it would appear that I have no way to repair it now too. Please if anyone local in Herts, Beds or Bucks has any spares of these components lying about could you let me know? And please be extra vigilant with your chickens and their homes now too xxx

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