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  1. Thanks Dogmother - I've gleaned a lot from this to get organised for my new rescue flock. I've found Beaphar invermectin for birds up to the size of parrots - I've always avoided their products for cats and dogs, but are they OK for Chooks?
  2. You can get Buz Busters on ebay - in fact, you can get everything suggested here on ebay x
  3. We managed to catch just 8 this morning Several people have already been up and taken quite a few, so I think there might be about 50 less than there were. The roosters are all going to poultry rescues - a lady drove all the way down from Doncaster today and took at least 3 roosters to her sanctuary, along with another 5 of indeterminate sex. The flocks' BIG Daddy is on the road to Yorkshire as I type, but much more work is needed. The biggest problem is the lack of council upkeep of the area - it's so overgrown you can't get to the little s*ds LOL
  4. I have the following information regarding a possible breed type... "They are a hardfeather type, maybe Carlisle, oeg or oxford game type, lovely birds but renowned for being feisty." Anyone interested in giving some a home needs to take this into account x
  5. Yes, everyone is prepared to keep separate for a month. I've also been told of a vet that might be able to do some kind of health-check. The best info we have is as folllows... "They are a hardfeather type, maybe Carlisle, oeg or oxford game type, lovely birds but renowned for being feisty." So, we're all in for an interesting time..! So far, no one had come forward to say they're prepared to take the roosters, so all will be hens, but still with the potential to be a handful. I've decided I'll take what I can based on what I catch first. I have room for up to 18, but if I catch a mum first, I'll just take her and the chicks. If I catch a lone female, I'll take some of her group friends. Oh boy - this could all be... fun???!! Wish us all luck lol
  6. Hi there. We have a feral flock locally, some of which I wish to rehome. It's RUMOURED they are from a fighting breed, or fighting stock, and therefore a bit feisty. If anyone wants to introduce these to an existing flock, does anyone here know whether chicks would integrate better than adults? I'd hate for a friend to take on a chook or two that harms their existing pets! I have no idea what breed these are, or even if they are what they're said to be, but I'm just asking the question in case..! I don't have any chickens at the moment, so they won't be squabbling with any when I bring them home. I'm asking for others, really. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! You may have seen in the press a story that seems to have gone viral - my local town of Diss has a little chicken issue lol It's made BBC News, Sky News and the Daily Telepgraph today, to name but a few! A pair of chooks were abandoned and have bred... exponentially! I've just ordered a giant 6m x 3m run and someone locally is giving me a wooden coop able to house about 8, but I really want plastic Eglus eventually, rather than a wooden coop - so much easier to clean! Although I intended to have chooks again next year, once we move in a couple of months, I hadn't intended to do it quite so soon and our funds are rather tied up in finishing building the house we're moving into(!). If there is anyone out there who would like to sell any Eglu coops cheap, or even donate them to the cause, I would be forever grateful (as would the local residents, currently being terrorised by 200+ feral chickens lol). I think I will end up with 12-15 hens, so any combination of coops would be great - not bothered about colour, shape, or model (although wheeled versions are the dream and 2 Cubes would house them all perfectly!) just so long as they're in good working order. I have a jetwash, so dirt isn't an issue. I seem to have (more by accident than design!) started a bit of a local Facebook rescue mission, so hopefully we can find all the rogue hens a home in the near future! If anyone reading this would like to rescue any, please note the following, especially if you would be introducing them to an existing flock... 1) we have no idea what, if any, disease they may have. b) it's RUMOURED they are from some kind of fighting breed, so can be feisty and might not mix well with your own babies - I'm trying to get more info, but I'm not sure if it will be forthcoming. c) there is no formal rescue planned. Those who are interested are simply going up there and catching what they can take. Please message me for more info if you are interested in rehoming any - thank you xx
  8. Is this any good? On eBay now x https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Eglu-Cube-Mark-1-extension-2-metres-plus-end-panel/302834002705?hash=item4682502b11:g:ExMAAOSwUf5baGqc
  9. Some people are just a waste of air..! I'm so sorry this has happened to you xx Try the for sale posts on the forum here, Gumtree or eBay for spares - fingers crossed xx
  10. Thanks for your reply Are the Mk 1's all plastic? No wooden roosting bars etc? I can see that someone on here has had an attempted theft of a Mk 1 and is struggling to find spares to repair it (I will mention on their post that they should check eBay - I was looking on there myself this morning. Do you know if the stand-up run will fix easily to the standard Mk 1 run? That would be the ideal way to increase their space. The chooks are the rapidly-increasing offspring from a rooster and hen left behind by some total herberts who moved out and left them!
  11. Morning! I had a Classic Eglu several years ago, but haven't had chooks for a while, or posted here for a while (no idea what my account name was back then either, so I'm showing as a complete newbie!). Our local town has a housing estate with an increasing chook problem - I'd like to go and collect a few before they are either run over or destroyed by the RSPCA, but the return of chooks to my life wasn't quite planned just yet and I will need to get a coop and run before I attempt any rescue. I'm looking at the Cube, but I'm not sure I have the funds for a brand new one and am looking at secondhand ones. I need to know whether the Mk1 and MK2 are interchangeable regarding spares, run fixings etc - I don't want to buy a secondhand one with only 1 or 2m run, only to find I can't extend the space! I've found a post on here about MK1 and MK2 Eglu differences, but I'm not sure about the Cube... So, 2 questions... Please can anyone tell me about the Cube differences as above? And does anyone have a set-up they would like to sell to me? The bigger the better in terms of run length, walk-in extensions... anything! Hit me with what you got lol I'm in S Norfolk, but I have access to a van and can travel Thanks for reading, guys!

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