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  1. Thanks both. I’ll have a look into both those ideas. Mum husband and I are both sadly rubbish at DIY - so I’d need to get someone in for your solution Valkyrie! Sounds interesting though! I think I may have found a solution where I can link the WIR to the front door like a normal person. Fingers crosses the measurements work. Thanks again
  2. Hi yet another question from me! I’ve got a mk1 cube with a 3m run. I’m looking at ways of making it bigger - but we have a very small garden and my options are slightly limited. Ideally id like to buy a WIR and attach it to the back of the cube. I’m assuming this is a total non-starter- but I know people on here have managed some very creative adaptations- so I thought I’d ask just in case! Thanks.
  3. Thanks Plum. That looks great and probably within my skill level(!) I’m going to look into it And this is the 2nd time in as many days you’ve come to my rescue. Much appreciated!
  4. Hi. Possibly a bit of a stupid question , but I’m wondering if it’s possible to modify the cube run at all so that chickens have access from a door on the side? I know that Omlet sell a small self-fix door but I think that is for human access rather than a chicken exit/entrance. Or is it big enough for chickens to use too? I have a very small garden and I’m trying to thing of ways that I could save the first few ft of lawn!
  5. Thank you. That’s a really sensible idea. How far down the side of the run do yours go? Im off to Wickes later to recce paviving slabs and kick boards for the run.
  6. Thanks both. at the moment we don’t have slabs. (Was hoping to avoid having rats tunnelling under them - even though I probably already have them under my decking). Can you put Auboise straight into earth? I think I like the Aubiose idea best really. Can it be used on an outside run with just tarpaulins? One side is sort of sheltered by a fence and the back is kind of under a tree. The tarp goes half way down the sides.
  7. And would there be any point? Im very very new to all this. At the moment my run is on grass but obviously that’s quickly getting destroyed- so I was looking for a new solution. I bought Aubiose first because it sounded great. Then I started panicking that their run (Eglu Cube) wasn’t waterproof enough (it’s totally covered with tarpaulins on the roof and they go half way down each side.) so I ordered some wood chips. I’ve still got a bag of auboise which I’ve opened and I’m wondering if it’s worth mixing it in with the wood chips? Or is it worth weatherproofing a bit more, sending the wood chips back and trying to make Auboise work? We are in a city with close neighbours so need something easy to keep clean! Thanks

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