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  1. Thank you. She enjoyed sunbathing in the garden today when I was weeding. A very content lady.
  2. Thank you. I think that, even though she was on the mend, it had stressed her body too much.
  3. Update on Rosie: she's doing really well. Apart from one soft shelled egg the day after the incident, Rosie hasn't laid since, which is all for the best. She's settled back in with the flock, and apart from going into moult, she's looking great. I do wonder if she'll ever lay again or if that's her going into early retirement.
  4. Sad news update: despite resolving the sour/impacted crop problem and making a recovery, Myrtle took a sudden turn for the worst and passed last night.
  5. I think that's right. And apparently if you have a vegan kitchen it's fine too.
  6. Would it be more practical for you to order hatching eggs?
  7. Oh...Oh yeah, I did forget about that. I was just going off advice online about high protein soft food. At least it was lamb's liver and not chicken... Back to maggots tomorrow then. ...but, what about sardines? I've seen them recommended too. Are most people just flaunting the defra rules then? I honestly didn't mean to and hadn't given it any thought in the moment.
  8. Oh yes, she was absolutely humming! The smell and state of her backend were absolutely text book. We gave her a soak in Epsom salts this evening and applied more cream. Manuka honey is insanely, prohibitively expensive so that's not an option, unfortunately. Seems like I'm using ACV for everything else at the moment, so I might as well splash it on poor Rosie's vent too - I'll do that tomorrow, thank you. We let Rosie out to stretch her legs and have a peck in the garden under supervision this evening. She went crazy and started to attack the flock. She launched herself at Tilda (cream Legbar) and drewblood on her comb. Connie (buff Orpington) came to Tilda's defence and saw Rosie off. I think Rosie must have had a lot of pent up energy and anger at being locked in all day. Going to have to watch her reintegration with the flock when she's better.
  9. Another update, just in case this thread becomes useful for reference to someone else in future. I gave Myrtle breakfast of scrambled egg and raw, grated lamb's liver, mixed with olive oil. I checked on her after the school run and she's eaten some, which is great. She's also had a bowel movement in the crate, so all looking promising. I'll give more ACV after work.
  10. Grumpy! I kept her in the garage to reduce daylight, to discourage egg production and I think she's thoroughly bored. Rosie doesn't think there's anything wrong with her and if she had her way she'd be discharged from the crate and free ranging straight away. The prolapse looks fine. Going to clean and reapply the caneston after my children are in bed this evening so I'll be able to take a good look then.
  11. This is so helpful, thank you. I've just checked on Myrtle and her crop feels mostly flat (still off food) and I couldn't feel any blockage. I've given neat ACV (which she seemed to quite enjoy). I'll keep that up and see how she goes. I'm hopeful! If she's no better by Thursday then it'll be a trip to the vets, as apparently that's the day of the week the vet with experience of chickens is in.
  12. Oh, I'm sorry, that must have been an awful experience. I'm hopeful that Rosie will make a full recovery but from what I've read so far I know that prolapse often doesn't end well.
  13. So, I've only just recently posted about Myrtle's impacted crop and now I've just had to deal with cleaning up Rosie's prolapsed vent and also treat her for vent gleet! Rosie is my other Marans. I've just finished successfully treating her for lice and noticed she had a mucky bum today, which on closer inspection revealed a prolapse, an empty egg shell hanging out of her vent and a very sudden case of vent gleet all over her back end. I was so shocked, not least because I'd only checked her over a couple of days ago when I last sprayed with the lice treatment. I immediately gave her a good soak in warm water and cleaned everything with mild dog shampoo (it's what I had to hand). I removed the shell. It came out in one piece. We've been having a problem with her laying massive, soft/thin shelled eggs for a while. Then I washed and rinsed again. The prolapse was fairly contained and went back in by itself. Poor Rosie is now in isolation in a dog crate, with a very raw looking bare bum. We've picked up some caneston cream to apply to the area and will also spray with disinfectant. I'm a bit stunned to be honest. Strangely enough, after everything we're going through with Myrtle I decided to look up all sorts of chicken ailments on the internet last night so that I could be prepared in case anything else happened. So glad I watched a video on prolapses, else I would have been utterly unprepared. Rosie is perfectly happy in and of herself. She loved being dried with the hair dryer - didn't even have to hold her. And she is happily eating and drinking in the crate. I've added ACV to her water, which they've all had since Myrtle's crop troubles started. Anyone else had experience of this? Anything you'd recommend? I feel like I'm suddenly right in at the deep end with chicken keeping now!
  14. I'm in Lincoln. She's not improved today and her crop is back to squishy. Any idea what ball park figure I'd be looking at if she needed surgery? I can't imagine my vet trying to make her sick, I think they'd probably just go straight for the surgical option, which of course has it's own risks for Myrtle and I'm guessing would be expensive.
  15. Yes, I wouldn't want to leave it too late. Speaking of vets, I did take one of the chickens to the vet not long ago to have the lice confirmed and she openly admitted that she knew about as much as I did about chickens...but happily took the £20 consultation fee. So I think I'm going to have to find a specialist vet, but I don't think we have any locally. I'll phone around tomorrow.

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