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  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post to the forum! We're having a situation with our last chicken, a Bantam hen. We had more chickens last year but the last of them died to a fox, leaving her. She's always been a bit different, as she sleeps at the top of a tree and has always been somewhat solitary. During the summer, I spent more time feeding the chicken by hand. Holding her, making a fuss, etc! For a long while she was happy. Now, she's acting strange. Over the past few days, she's actively seeks to lay eggs and settle 'behind our sofa'! She makes a beeline straight indoors whenever the doors open, and when we shut her out, she kept pacing the garden and then staying right by the glass doors leading outside. As I write this she's laid two eggs behind the sofa, and she's nested on some newspapers I placed down so that we could collect any poo. Now I need to ask: Should I get a Hen or Rooster as company for her? Will that sort out any issues? Many thanks, Connor

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