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  1. Hi all, My chickens have been in their new eglu up for just over a month now. Loving it! Stopped a broody hen and also the red mites have gone!! One thing though, they will not use the feeder with the lid on. Has anyone else found this? Thanks!
  2. Thanks again. I actually meant for in our house . The girls are having their first night in their new eglu, so looking onward and upwards!
  3. Thanks again, I will get some TMK and Buz Buster in as well. The coop is ready to be broken down and set alight along with the bedding that has been in a water filled wheel barrow to drown the little horrid things! We have a long garden and it was put at the very end of it first thing this morning! Would you use TMK to spray the house? I have used flea spray (good stuff not pet shop rubbish as a precaution), but have no idea if that would be effective, I was just desperate and it was the closest thing I could think of using in the house knowing that it is also safe for our 2 cats. Thanks for taking the time to share such good advice!
  4. Thank you The Dogmother! I was aware that it was unlicensed, but had managed to find enough info to suggest that it was going to help me in terms of my red mite issue. My naivety came when buying a second hand coop and not understanding the power of the mite! We cleaned it and even jet washed it, but had not realised that the little critters could lay dormant in all the cracks and nooks! I religiously 'poo' pick everyday and although it all looked clean, the heat wave we had a few weeks ago brought out the mites, but I had no idea they were there! The chooks stopped laying and I thought it was the heat! Little did I know that there were millions of the little blighters in there with my girls, I just hadn't ever seen them! It was quite a discovery! With a lot of reading and taking on various methods I was finally got on top of it. We then went on holiday for 2 weeks and although I had a fantastic house sitter, 'mite watch' was not under my obsessive eye! I think I have actually suffered some sort of red mite mini breakdown as I was becoming so disheartened every time I found any in the coop. I hate the thought of them attacking the girls in the night. I was also getting rather depressed at the fact that I was also getting bitten constantly and thought that I was going to have to live my life forever more being itchy and feeling like I was also infested - which I think I have been! For some reason I seem to make a good host, not interested in my husband or little boy! It has become normal for me to sort the chooks out, take all my clothes off before I get into the house (thankfully we have a very enclosed garden!), shove them all in the washer and go straight for a shower. That kind of gets tiring twice a day along with working full time and being a mum! I ordered an eglu go up whilst we are on holiday as I am hoping that this will help me in terms of easy cleaning, drying etc as this is clearly something that I need to be far more vigilant about than I had realised. I have been using biolink poultry shield, is that as effective as Total Mite Kill? I do have Flubentvet, so that is also comforting to hear you recommend it for worming. Thank you so much for your advise. I felt like I was on my way to being well armed and you have confirmed that for me. A few months in of being a chicken family and even with this slight hiccup they have been such a great addition to our family! thanks again
  5. After an awful red mite infestation (due to the naivety of a relatively new chicken owner ) and trying to treat naturally I have given in and used Ivermectin. Has anyone ever eaten eggs from a chicken that has been treated with Ivermectin? I can't cope with throwing the eggs away, but from everything I have read I cannot find anyone who has risked eating them! I am tempted, as what is the worse that can happen? Might stop the bl@£dy mites biting me too! New Eglu is ready to transfer the chooks in and hoping for easier, more manageable red mite control! Second hand wooden coop has been banished to the end of the garden ready to be burnt!! Thanks all, any knowledge would be apprecaited

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