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  1. Hi I have my collection of cubes, go’s and original eglu for sale due to no longer being able to keep chickens. I have no runs with the Cubes however I have runs for the Go’s and Eglu’s
  2. Hi Laura I will take photos tomorrow and all my chickens were free range and Mr Fox visited for that reason alone as we must have had a hole in our fencing we were not aware of. We never lost a chicken when they were locked in the Eglu’s. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Louisa
  3. Hi Laura Thank you for your reply. I’m very happy to take more photos. Please can you let me know what parts of the Cube you would like photographed and I assume you would be happy with me just photographing your preferred colour as all the Cubes are complete. I dont have any Go Ups and I live between Grantham and Sleaford. I have so many as I rescued up to 50 hens and ducks at one point but sadly we had too many visits from Mr Fox l look forward to hearing from you Louisa
  4. Hi Eskimo I have quickly taken 3 photos to show the cubes etc. I’m afraid I’m out for the rest of the day and don’t have time to take them down to get more close ups but am happy to take any further photos you require later. Im looking for £400 for the Cubes,£125 for the Go’s and £100 for the Eglu’s If I can be of further help please let me know. Louisa