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  1. How bizarre! Kochanski laid an egg yesterday!! First sign of an egg in 3 weeks and first hard-shelled one in months! It was somewhat squarish. but I know that can happen This morning there is just a floppy egg 'shell' in the run - so maybe it was a one-off!
  2. Thank you for that - have just ordered some These girls are getting expensive lately - especially as we only get one egg a day from 3 of them!
  3. Thank you - we already have 2 double grub feeders out - for 3 hens Where do you get that purple spray from? have treated for mites but am awaiting lice powder. Could it just be moulting? Or could it be because Ruby is broody and is pulling some of her own feathers?
  4. A couple of weeks ago I was on Chicken Clinic getting advice for a very poorly chuck. Good news is that Kochanski miraculously pulled through - but now she is being really mean to her 'sister' that we got at the same time (Aug 07) - (but is fine with the Aug 08 younger girl). Poor Ruby is being harrassed if she goes near Kochanski when she is eating. I suspect there is some pecking/feather pulling going on when they are in the Eglu. It looks as if her neck feathers are broken off. Both have stopped laying - but should only be around their 2nd birthday. Ruby has started to want to go and sit on the nesting box, but nothing emerges. Hmmm...
  5. So with my girl's head and belly, it could just be moulting??
  6. One of ours has lost her feathers on her head and has lost them on her belly - plus her belly is bright red. Have just put some red mite powder on her - her belly looks sore because of the redness!!
  7. In a bad way I'm afraid - friend who is a vet is coming with the 'blue juice' to end her suffering. Thank you for asking
  8. More spongy I would say. Hasn't moved all day. She doesn't lay proper eggs anyway - have had very few from her in a long time - just soft shelled ones. Other girl is having a lovely time out in garden now so she seems to be OK. Weird that they both got ill at same time though
  9. All our hens are brown layers Daphne. They haven't been wormed recently so I gave them some last night. No rattle in breathing but laboured. Keeps closing eyes but they seem normal when open. Good news is that the not-quite-so poorly (ie still drinking water) hen that we left in the Eglu last night now seems to be fine. Bad news is that the one we kept in and have been giving water on a medicine spoon still looks terrible. I tried picking her up and putting her on the grass so she could see the others in the garden but she can't stand now as she is so fluid swollen. So i picked her up again to bring her back in and some watery (bit brown) fluid came out of her vent all over the patio. i am worried as I read somewhere else that you can end up filling their lungs with fluid if you help them drink ... Any thoughts?
  10. have one inside as she is very poorly. She is currently in a cardboard box with straw in but have had to squeeze her in with a pot bowl of water. Any ideas?
  11. Thank you very much Redwing - am worried that they may not last long enough to pay the £20 for the treatment - it says allow up to 5 working days. Not sure what to do. One is now inside and looks very poorly. The other is outside with the healthy hen. Crushed some Novoclor antibiotic and put it in the outside water but the grains sank to the bottom! The lad who has been feeding them has not been doing anything different to our instructions and hadn't noticed any difference in them yesterday morning. The farmer I spoke to asked about droppings and I commented that the very poorly one had produced some white liquid poo when we picked her up this morning.
  12. Have bought some wormer but only pellets were available - will try and crush some down with water and hand feed. Have spoken to farmer who has 20 hens and he says it sounds like coccidiosis.
  13. we have returned from hols yesterday to find 2 out of 3 of our girls poorly. They are the older two that we have had since August 07. Neither has laid a proper egg for some time. One doesn't lay at all and the other mostly lays softies (the third hen is younger and lays daily). They are showing the usual signs - looking tired, not wanting to come out of run, disinterested in food. Where do you get wormer from? Could this be their issue?
  14. We have just spent the last hour trying to thread canes through and have ended up putting pieces of wood across the bottom half as she kept getting through. I have covered her half of the run entirely with the winter cover, summer cover and a towel so she feels cosy. She doesn't seem to want to go inthe box with straw. Ohwell, sure I will be up at the crack of dawn nervously checking it all out ...

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