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  1. jak

    Hello Mr Fox!

    On the website link, it says that it keeps dogs out of the zone too - poor Louie
  2. jak

    Hello Mr Fox!

    Thanks for that - it looks a good idea - not much good when we have a dog though Don't think Louie would really appreciate that
  3. jak

    Hello Mr Fox!

    What's a Foxwatch Olly?
  4. jak

    Hello Mr Fox!

    Really? It's very unusual to see them during the day though isn't it? My husband saw one last year (maybe the same one) taking the same route through our garden but that was early in the morning. As was said on the other 'foxy' thread, they are out hunting for food for their young from this time onwards. It might be a quick free range tomorrow if it's as freezing and foggy as it was today and I have to be out there with them - brrr!!! Do you think it would help if I put my lurcher out there with them?
  5. Hope my Eglu run is safer from Mr Fox than it is from Mr Rat!! I'm afraid we have had to dispense with 2 of them over the winter
  6. See my new post 'Hello Mr Fox' - s/he just came out of the fog, across the driveway, over the bridge and across the other side of the stream - quite a big fella - paid no attention to the girls in their run - but sure s/he must have clocked them at some point!
  7. jak

    Hello Mr Fox!

    Don't think they will be free ranging tomorrow! Got to be cruel to be kind! They usually put themselves to bed (eg go from run into Eglu) when it goes dark so we then go and close the door to keep them warm
  8. Just sat peeling some potatoes ready for tea tonight, and saw a fox lolloping through my garden. Although I know he/she will eat my chickens if given half a chance, what a beautiful sight all the same!
  9. DH has just gone to B&Q and bought paving slabs (not for putting down today, it's pouring down ) and a box of rat poison with trap. That will be going down today/tonight!
  10. Yes, as others have said, it's quite obvious when a rat is getting into the run because small rounded tunnels start to appear on the outside of the Eglu (the rat's entrance) and on the door side of the Eglu, into the run. It is easy for them to get through Hemcore/bedding. A few weeks ago we saw one at teatime (not dark at that point) sat in the run with the girls - ugh!
  11. It was our 10-year old who named Kochanski - his Dad insisted on showing him his old Red Dwarf videos - which, of course, he loved - and as the only female character is Kochanski, hence 'his' hen got her name Our 12-year old more predictably named his hen 'Ruby' after the Kaiser Chiefs song. My niece and nephew are 3 and 5 and said to our younger son "Why did you call your chicken something we can't say??"
  12. shall I tell you ????? OK I'll put you out of your misery It's red dwarf
  13. We have 2 rubbish cats! We have a stream in the garden so rats are always a possibility
  14. I wish mine WOULD go in their Eglu more - since the day we have got them they only go back in when it goes dark - staying out in all weathers - brrrrrr!!
  15. Eggstatic, you can buy rape bedding for your chicken run from a farm near Tealby, Market Rasen - if you are in our part of Lincolnshire. It costs £4 for a huge bag.
  16. We have been taking in the grub at night as we had seen a rat in the Eglu run. It is digging in under the Eglu - easy as the lower sides of the Eglu are curved (design issue??) through the Hemcore/rape bedding. It still keeps getting in despite us adding some pieces of chicken wire under the Eglu. My son has just gone to take in the grub bowls and one side is all gnawed away - yuk! Does it work to put the Eglu on paving stones? Where do you buy rat poison from?
  17. We have a lurcher and 2 cats - think they need to start earning their keep as I looked out of the window at teatime and saw a rat sat on its back legs - the girls were in the run and didn't seem very bothered! Think it has taken advantage of all the mole activity around and in the run to get in. Mole and Ratty! And the chickens are next to the stream in our garden - but no willows I'm afraid!
  18. Try Rand Farm Park out on the Wragby Road Tanya - that's where we got our 2 layers from (plus grit, corn and pellets). Only cost £25 in total. Contact Richard on 01522 858904
  19. EW! What a thought. They were rather squashed earlier on - lying in hollows they had created in the garden border whilst dustbathing. Our son couldn't see them they were so low down and thought they had managed to get into the house!
  20. Do you throw grit into the Hemcore same as you do when they are on grass? I assume they will be digging around in it.
  21. Thanks ever so! Andy is currently digging in the log roll - getting sunburnt probably!
  22. Tried mine with our very own homegrown cherry tomatoes - they lie squashed on the floor!
  23. Hi - just went and bought some Hemcore and log roll to build a permanent home for the girls. The instructions for use of Hemcore in a stable talk about applying a gallon of water per bale - does the same apply to us?? Thanks!

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