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  1. It took us an hour to build the Eglu and run - I would imagine that is a more average time - rather than 20 mins!
  2. That's really reassuring - think I will try leaving the door open tonight. I was worried about Christmas time because of the temperatures but if others have had no problems that would make things easier for us. cheers!
  3. Ah - you thread the bamboo canes horizontally through the run to provide perches? That's a great idea Currently ours are roosting during the day on the edges of the washing-up bowl that was supposed to be their dust bath
  4. Hi - what do you put up in the run to keep your girls entertained? Do they need anything? Tried stringing up a lettuce heart but they weren't keen. Has anyone bought any of the toys you can get for parrots??
  5. We get to use natural resources to assist our Eglu cleaning - we have a stream running through our garden and a ford outside our house so we just take a washing-up brush out with the droppings tray and wash it at the ford - a neighbour commented that when he was on detachment in the Middle East he used to see women washing things in the rivers like that! Luckily, there are some trees covering the ford so can still be done in light/moderate rain. A child holding a golfing umbrella over you can be a help too!
  6. Thinking ahead to colder months, we will be away for a week over Christmas - won't they need shutting up at night time so that they don't get too cold?
  7. Some people just don't like change! Anything new has to be a fad or not as good as the original - oh well, more fool them!
  8. Looks like the grit I am giving them has a mix of stuff in it - they gave me it at the farm when I bought them. They have turned their beaks up at a separate container of it though!
  9. No, ours don't free range - we have sprinkled extra in the grass in their run but they don't seem that interested. Have just baked 3 eggshells and sprinkled on their pellets. I hope I don't have to keep doing that!
  10. i was told by someone on the farm where we bought ours that there is grit in the layers pellets too - is that right?
  11. Following on from previous post, I let Kochanski out of the Eglu (where I had put her to rest for an hour). She took her time coming out, then walked slowly to the other end of the run where she has just been standing by Glug, taking sips of water - she keeps closing her eyes all the time - what's going on ?? She is not eating, not even mixed corn from my hand. We did put them on a new piece of lawn 2 days ago - could this be an issue? EDIT: going to post this under 'chicken clinic'
  12. Help! Don't know if it's linked to staying out in the rain (they could have gone in the Eglu) but Kochanski is not well. She had been sat out in the run looking all sleepy - was still in the same position when we came home 2 hours later (at lunchtime). Doesn't seem keen to stand up - have seen her drink a little water but would only eat a tiny bit of grape that we offered (note however that she has not had grape before). Anyone seen their hen like this ? I am worried as since we go them last week they have looked very alert. I think she laid an egg this morning.
  13. They're so clever aren't they?! (we have a cat called Ziggy too! Got him from a cat rescue on Saturday)
  14. Our new girls have been out all day in the rain - don't seem to care but they are soaked!
  15. Yup, they just seem to eat the sand I put in! Had 3 soft shelled eggs in a row from one of them too - it all seemed so easy the first few days - what's going on ?!
  16. Yay! Result! Glad he liked them - how could he not?!
  17. Do you need to provide a dust bath if your chooks don't free range? What kind of thing should I put in the run - container/dust??
  18. A lock built into the Eggport handle would be a good idea. Although we live on the edge of a village, our garden is fairly open so anyone could, in theory, come in and mess with our Eglu. We are moving them around every week but will not put them at the end of the garden as it is near the path/road and out of our view. Maybe a little paranoid but you can never account for a group who have had a few too many bevvvies and what they might do
  19. We received four eggs over the first two mornings from our two. We poached them and served them over muffins melted with cheese - scrummy!
  20. We can't persuade our younger son to eat the eggs - although he has conceded to trying them in an omlette. Think it's something about the texture of egg white! Our girls fought over the nesting section of the Eglu this morning - at one point both sitting in it
  21. Where else can you get the 'grappling hooks' to fix the tarp with?
  22. Wow - lovin this whole henkeeping thing - two more eggs this morning. Lovely and warm! So we have just eaten the two from today and the two from yesterday poached on muffins with melted cheese - yummy!
  23. No, not yet - for breakfast tomorrow I think - but there may be a bit of a fight on!
  24. Thank you! We were stunned to find an egg, then another one an hour later (small but perfectly formed). We expected to be waiting a week or two

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