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  1. Hurray! Both girls have laid an egg on their first morning - can't believe it!!
  2. Not metal but just bought a 'garden waste' dustbin from Poundland for £6
  3. Will try that next time - finally managed to get Kochanski in - through wily means!!
  4. Our 11-month old kitten Freddie died on the road last Thursday night (found Friday morning). So sad as he really changed our minds about cats: he was our baby! We were supposed to be away in Yorkshire for a week but came home early last night - we wanted to be home. Got our 2 hens this afternoon - a welcome distraction. Thanks girls! Don't know how to post a photo!
  5. Got Ruby in ! She went to my husband through the run door and then he popped her back in the Eggport But Kochanski is having none of it!
  6. They have been out and about having fun! next problem: getting them to go in again - tempting them with a bit of apple by sticking our arm through the eggport??
  7. Well they have been in a travelling box from about 5pm and then put in the Eglu at 6pm
  8. Hello! We brought our 2 lovely new girls home earlier and put them in the Eglu (rather than the run) on advice that it would quickly help them establish that is where they sleep/lay. However, now they can't access any water - will they be OK until morning?? Thanks!

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