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  1. Hiya! To be honest, im not so fussed on colour. Whichever is in the best condition? It looks on the photo like the red one but it may be the photo. Oh no! Are they not fox proof then? Thanks Laura
  2. Hi Louisa, Very interested. Where are you? Do you have more detailed pics? The Cubes in particular, unless you have a Go Up? How come you have so many?? Many thanks Laura
  3. Looking for a Cube or Go Up, in excellent condition. Any colour. We live in Bath but happy to travel to an extent. Hoping to hear from someone. Cash waiting!
  4. Hi! I was ideally looking for a cube or go up but if you dont mind sending some photos I can take a look. It will be to keep chickens in
  5. Eskimo_333

    Omlet Eglu Mk2 and run - 1 year old

    Is this still available?
  6. Hi, do you have photos and prices please?
  7. Eskimo_333

    Eglu cube w. 3x2 walk in run,rain covers and extras

    Is this sold?