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  1. Hello! Skylines are such pretty birds. Birds which are hatched late in the year, by which I mean from aroun the end of May onwards don't moult in in the first winter. Your girls will moult this year, and will propbably stop laying while they are moulting. IU've only ad a few hybrids, but I found that they tended to lose loads of ferathers all in one go, looking very oven ready, but the pure breeds tend to moult a bit at a time. ybrids as thers coming through at once. Regardless of whether they are hybrid or pure breds, I've found that some girls moult towards the end of the summer and others wait umtil the weather is awful and then do it.
  2. Sorry to hear about your ex Bat. It sounds like a heart attack (or heart failure), and that's the most likely cause. It's not pleasant to see, but at least you know that her death was quick.
  3. Me again ! My husband found them! They are still in the box, never been unwrapped. If you're interested in them, please message me
  4. Hello again Jean, I can't find them! I have a trailer which conains all my dismantled runs, and I was sure I'd put them in there. I've had it all out and they aren't there! I've no idea what I've done with the, then, I'm so sorry.
  5. Hi Jean, whereabouts are you? I bought a pair of handles some time ago, and never used them. I put them somewhere safe.... I will have a look and see if I can locate them.
  6. -4 girls stolen from my allotment last weekend -2 boys that we had to cull as a consequence. =2360
  7. I lost my oldest Girl today, the last daughter of our best ever cockerel (Roo). Nora was a little over 9 years old, and died in her sleep. It wasn't unexpected: her age, and the fact that she's slowed down over the month meant we knew it would happen at some point. We kept her under observation, ready to do the deed if she showed signs of suffering or distress. She didn't look any different yesterday, so it was still a bit of a surprise. The best of deaths, I guess. SHe was a big, gentle, friendly, fluffy home hatched girl, a real mix of her Mum and Dad. 2361 -1 Norah (today, age 9) -Katherine Howard (one of our Welsh Black Harem, a few weeks ago, aged 8 ) -Bertie (our Vorwerk cockerel culled because he started attacking Small Person, having already been on a Yellow Card for constantly attacking 2 the girls in his flock) =2358 + Sunshine, Astrid and Sylvia, 2 Leghorn and 1 Barnevelder girls from last years hatch added to our garden flock + Summer and Blondie, 2 Leghorn girls from last year's hatch added to our allotment flock + Mutt and Geoff, 2 Barnevelder boys from last year's hatch, now sharing the job of Allotment Cockerel =2365
  8. I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I've had to have a couple of cats put to sleep over the years, and quite a few hens. It's natural to want to put it off while they seem to be enjoying life. In deciding when is the right time, I've found it comforting to nbear in mind the following: - delaying isn't going to change the eventual outcome - it's better to do it a week to early than to wait and do it a day too late <hugs> to you when the time comes.
  9. The orange superglug and the orang glug are now sold. Purple superglug still for sale.
  10. EDITED TO ADD: I've got a few items for sale and I'm happy to consider offers for combined purchases. Mods, I'm really sorry, I've just realised I posted this in the wrong place... could you move it for me please? If not, I'll repost. Thank you

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