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  1. It's hard to get the balance right between giving a detailed and accurate account of what happened, and making it concise enough to ensure the recipient reads it properly. Building on Daphne's version, I would suggest you take out a couple of small bits which are perhaps a bit extraneous. I've changed these to white text. The bits I've added are in bold.
  2. Register on LIinkedIn and keep your profile up to date. It's very common for people to check this. It may also be helpful for you when following up leads etc.
  3. I have that one too. Very happy with it.
  4. Just thought I'd resurrect this thread, because of our little Raymondo. Raymondo had been unplugged for some months because I'd bought one of those amazing Dyson cordless machines, and I found it so easy to use I wasn't use Raymondo very much. I unplugged him and consigned him to a shelf in the spare room while I considered what to do with him. After several months I decided he would still be useful, I would set him to do the landing every day, and he could also do our bedroom. The landing is one of our few carpeted areas, and the cats have beds there, so it always needs doing. Rayondo always does a fantastic job on carpets, I'm always horrified at how much he manages find. He wouldn't charge up. I didn't want to spend the money on a new Roomba, so I bought a new battery for him. It worked. He worked, Some time later, I was using him to clean the athroom and when he'd done, I noticed that the dust filter was full, but the bin was empty. I know from past experience that this is a brush problem. I had a spare new brush, so I put that in. No difference. DH had a look, and I googled. We came to the same conclusion, the whole brush head thing wasn't working. We discussed what to do. I didn't really want to spend the money on a new Roomba, especially as I'd forked out for a new battery. So, we bought a new brush head unit from Ebay. When it arrived, we could see that it was actually a unit from one of the 7 series. The brushes were different, and the way they fitted into the casing was better. I set Raymondo off to clean the landing. OMG. The new brushes are fantastic, even better than the old ones. Raymondo has a new lease of life, and I even let him do downstairs as a treat.
  5. We use one of these to warm plates. We use it every day. http://www.platewarmer.co.uk/Electric-Plate-Warmer.aspx?pid=50828 Also available in Lakeland, but they only have the tartan version.
  6. How many chickens did you get???? I think the tally should be 2476... Oh gosh, yes. My +5 brought us to 2473 Add in bill2b's +3 brings the total to 2476
  7. +5 destined-for-dinner girls who are now joining our main flock (lucky girls) =2573
  8. Our village has a facebook group,and we have a pinned post where people cam advertise services they offer. Members are always asking "Does anyone....", so a lot of people pick up work that way. Is there anything similar where you live? As an extension to this, there are a couple of real-world groups that have been set up. One is called "Ladies who Latte", which is where a group of self employed women meet up once a month and network. This has helped with recommendations. Again, maybe there is something like that in your area? Do you have a parish/local magazine you could advertise in? Or maybe print some leaflets and do a leaflet drop locally. Are you a member of any forums or facebook groups which permit advertising? People who have recently stumbled into selling/selling ther services often have no idea of their obligations and no idea what they need. No idea where to start and no idea who to ask, and don't want to approach anyone in case they look stupid. Maybe some advertising spelling out what you do , or how you can help, might work? Something like that, anyway.
  9. I love Queen, saw them live at Knebworth before Freddie's demise. I watched Adam Lambert with Queen on New Year's Eve.. but I didn't think his voice was powerful enough to carry the songs. He looked like he could slot in - pretty enough to look at, costumes up well, cheeky tats and nail varnish, cuban heels; I was really hopeful that he could deliver the songs, but (to me) his voice just got a bit lost. Maybe the sound set up wasn't right for him. After Freddie's death, Queen had a concert with different people fronting different songs. The only one who had a voice powerful enough to do the song justice was - to my absolute surprise - was George Michael. Here's an examplehttp://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2qv7a_queen-george-michael-somebody-to-lo_music Still, I guess Adam Lambert is better than no Queen.
  10. Clare, I did a quick Google specifically for the S3, and this is what I found (the original page had lots of chat on, so this is the pertinent bit): This is a screenshot that was included in an earlier part of the discussion to show where the setting was, just in case it is familar to you: The full discussion was here http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/58707/send-sms-instead-of-mms-when-texting-multiple-people
  11. No, definitely no emoticons. Literally the message was Happy 2015 xxxx love Hazel It was becaise my phone's message app had a default setting to convert texts to multiple recipient I found the setting on my phone which tells it to convert messages for more than one recipient to MMS. Looking online, I am not alone. Many, many, many irate customers in the same boat as me.
  12. HI All On January 1st I sent a simple message "Happy 2015 xxx Hazel" to 14 people. I've just looked at my monile phone bill and am horrified to find that I have been charge 33p+VAT for each message, despite being on an inclusive plan. The reason is that group texts are converted to MMS (multi media messages), and these are not included in my plan. My phone, a Galaxy Note 3, has a default setting which converts "group texts" to individual MMS messages. Apparently this is the case with many smart phones.... so you might want to check your settings so you don't get caught. For Galazy Note 3 users: (1) click on the Messages app, (2) From the home page, press the menu buttonans select SETTINGS (3)From the menu across the top click on the SMS/MMS tab, (4) check whether your GROUP MESSAGING is ticked. If it is, sending a message to more than one recipient means wit will be converted to MMS.
  13. I bought mine from DevonDuvets back in 2010, following the discussion on this thread. I really love it. http://www.devonduvets.com/ I see the have a luxury collection coming soon - wonder what those will be?!
  14. Would be worth having 2 feeders, set some distance apart. Maggie can't control both at once that way. Well done on Helga!
  15. My 5 torches came yesterday. Very pleased with them, so thank you for posting about them, As a time check for others who are waiting for theirs, I ordered them on 15th November and they arrived on the 3rd December,
  16. Just an aside: Water in the coop itself is bad for the chooks. They give off a lot of heat in the night, and this reacts with the cold water to create vapour. This can cause respiratory problems.

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