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  1. Lovely website, lots of info, easy to naviagate. Miss the "nens rehomed in..." bit though (I know you show the overall total(. Well done, and I hope you get lots of clicks and donations following next week's programmes.
  2. Compost really benefits from being 2turned", so I would be tempted to take the compost out of the old bin, and put it into the new bin. This will aerate it and help it decompose even more quickly, If you don't fill compost bins too quickly, then I would start using the OLD bin for new compst material, leaving the turned stuff in the new bin to finish composting. When the compst is ready, take it out and use it, then turn the old bin into the new one again. If, however, you fill up quickly, then just add new material to the new bin (with the turned compost from the old bin into the bottom). Hope that makes sense.
  3. Ooooh, they're gorgeous! What beatiful chooks!! You should turn that into a Christmas card for next year.
  4. Thanks fo rthe warning. My DVD player is multiregion so I won't have a problem.
  5. I;m going to order one. Just emailed her to find out what the shipping to the UK would be.
  6. Are you sure its Weldmesh, not just garden mesh The stuff I saw in B&Q when we were looking was a bit flimsy, no good for keeping foxes out.
  7. Ebay is DEFINiTELY the place to go for Weldmesh. I don't know if this is the aame as Cinnamon's, I'll go and check hers out in a mo, but the seller I used is called Animal Kingdom This is a link to his Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Animal-Kingdom_W0QQssPageNameZstrkQ3amefsQ3amesstQQtZkm He sells all sorts of guages, mesh sizes, and lengths. If you can't find what you want listed, then contact him and he will list it for you. Service was fab, next day delivery. Smaller the mesh, the more expensive the product. The stronger the guage, the more expensive the wire. I bought 30metres of 16 guage Weldmesh, 1 inch x1 inch. It was £52.99 plus £9.99 postage. Their 19 guage was much cheaper, (£29.99 plus postage for 19 guage, 1x1, 30metres)
  8. I wonder why the squirrel didn't start part way along the obstacle course?
  9. If you subscribe online via the Practical Poultry website, then you get 12 issues for 11, £34.08. However, if you go to Isubscribe, then you can get a year's subscription for £32.49. Isubscribe is also on Quidco, so if you go to it via Quidco then you'll get 7% of the £32.49 back into your Quidco account.
  10. Bless! They are lovely. Tinsel's ruff is gorgeous!
  11. OH, I love the round pens! Wish we'd thought of that! My DH has built all the panels now, and their standing in the greenhouse waiting for the roofing material to arrive. Looking forward to seeing more pics as it progresses.
  12. That's the plugin one which I mentioned. Plug your appliance into it, then leave it. It will track the amount of electric used, and how long it has been plugged in for, and you can then manually calculate the kWh used. And from that, you can calculate the cost. For working out the cost of leaving so,ething on standby, I found it best to plug it in before I went to bed, and then do the calcs in the morning, as the applicance would definitely only have been on standby IYSWIM. (When I was doing some items, I'd forget and use the appliance as well, which of course uses more electricity).
  13. They are minimal...but they aren't 0. And what I found was I had quite a few "minimal" things (four plug in air fresheners, two phone chargers which we left switched on, another battery charger thing...) If these are all you have then I would suggest investing in the plug in type of meter, which you can get from Maplin (Aldi had some too I believe). You plug this meter into your socket, and then plug the appliance(s) into the meter. Leave it, come back some time later and it will tell you how much electricity you used over what period of time. You can then (manually) calculate how much electricity per minute, and therefore what the cost is. I have a new microwave, and just for the clock it uses 0.05 kWh. That's 1.2kW per day (0.05x24), which is 438 kW per year. My electric is, say, 5p per kWh (actually its a bit more, but 5p is an easier nbumber to do in my head), so my microwave clock is costing me £22 per year.
  14. The price is expensive - one thing you could maybe do, is buy it with a relative and share it. Then one of you have it for the first, say, month, then pass it on.
  15. They are minimal...but they aren't 0. And what I found was I had quite a few "minimal" things (four plug in air fresheners, two phone chargers which we left switched on, another battery charger thing...)
  16. Really useful spreadsheet, thank you for sharing. i can't believe there's so much difference in the prices! The WIggly Wigglers price isn't correct though, it should be £25 for 5Kg. With the £3 delivery charge, this works out at £5.50 per kilo. For those who don't want that much, Wiggly Wigglers also do a 6x600g delivery service. They send you 600g every 2 months, and you only pay for one delivery charge (I think this is probably the one you included in your spreadsheet). They also do a Layers Mash with Bokashi Bran in the mix.
  17. I have an OWL, and it's brilliant. We already knew that leaving things on standby was costing us money, but it the Owl really helped us see exactly how much electricity (and money) we were "wasting" per appliance. Some of them were not much, others (like the washing machine) were a surprising amount. We now know what our normal minimum running rate is, and we can see instantly if we've left something on somewhere because the monitor shows we're using more than we should. We discovered that our underfloor heating was coming on at an odd time too. As a minumum we've saved about 1 kilowatt of elctricity per hour for 18 hours a day, which works out at a saving of just over a pound a day. *This is through turning off standby for the TV, DVD, Amp, Skybox, my laptop, house computer, washing machine, microwave, phone chargers sitting in the socket, plug in air fresheners, dishwasher...etc. We also have a plug in meter which tells us how much electricity an individual item has used over a period of time. That's been helpful in deciding when to use the underfloor heating, for example, and for electrcal items which are too small to register on the Owl.
  18. What a great story, and what a cute looking Peep. Shig. I've never heard of Pig Paradise, if it's open to visitors I might take a trip there next summer.
  19. Congratykations!! And such a fab colour choice too. So, how did your DH hide it from you? Was it built when you saw it? Tell all, post pics!
  20. What a lovely prezzie, and how great that your DH is so besotted by them! My DH is onlyjust coming round to the whole idea, even though he's building me a run etc. I;m hoping that he'll love them when they get here.
  21. Congratulations Bouncy! It's so lovely to hear you all excited!

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