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  1. Hi Poet Ascott smallholding supplies does lids at 43mm. http://www.ascott-dairy.co.uk/acatalog/Spare_Jar_Lids.html Smaller quantities are available from this company http://www.colouredbottles.co.uk/store/home.php?cat=344
  2. There is an additional recipe book to the one in the box http://www.lakeland.co.uk/product.aspx/!11331 I can't get the link to go directly to the item, so when you get there look for 11331 There's also this website http://www.hoorayforhomecooking.co.uk/home.html which doesn't sell Remoskas, but is dedciated to cooking with them. Tehy have lots of additional recipes and info.
  3. What lovely trees! Here's mine, although the photo doesn't do it justice.
  4. WitchHazel


    Congratulationas Martin, it sounds fabulous! You will be soooooo busy next year, right through to the end of Autumn. There are so many wonderful ways to preserve the harvest. Don't forget things like flavoured vodka. Best of luck with your new endeavour, and I look forward to reading about it.
  5. yes, we go every year with two friends, and have done since I was 18 (24 years of pantomiming this year) When the kids were small we used to go to two pantos (or sometimes the same one twice), once with the kids, once with our friends. tried taking MIL and FIL one year, but it didn't work very well. FIL got into the spirit a bit, but MIL kept telling him off when he joined in. And she tutted every time I hissed/boooed etc. Didn't offer to take them again! This year we're going to see Cinderella at High Wycombe. Have a lovely time tonight.
  6. good luck today ANH, looking forward to reading about it later on xxx
  7. Honestly Cinnamon, Earls Courst isn't too bad, it's really not like "driving in London". At the end of the M4 it's quite busy, but the lanes are reasonably wide and straight. It's not like driving into theatreland, honestly. btw, as well as the Satnab, I would give your daugter a streetmap of London, just for the bit where you turn right off the A4 so she can reassure you that you're taking the correct turning (although it IS well signposted) Good practice for her too. And when you've done it reward yourself by ordering a Cube. (Either as a "didn't I do well" or a "that was really awful I need something to compensate").
  8. Cinnamon If you're worried about not getting being able to get out of a train, then you can get a slow train from Maidenhead *get hubby to drive you to Maidenhead or Slough station) which stops at nearly every station. There are approximately 15 stations between Maidenhead and Paddington, so you're only ever 5-10 mins between stops, and you could get out and wait for a later train if necessary. (Although personally I would get a fast train and get it over with). You could then get a Cab from Paddington to the theatre so you don't have to do the Tube. It'll be much much much less hassle than driving and trying to park. Or get your hubby to drive in and drop you off and then come back and collect you. EDITED TO ADD: Oh, I see they are at Earls court, ignore previous message. It's really easy to get to Earls Court by car, just leave plenty of time so you can be sure of a parking space in the underground car park there.
  9. You can get 2 for 1 tickets for a number of shows here: http://www.daysoutguide.co.uk/Search-Results.aspx?AttractionTypeID=17&County=London We've done this a few times and so far have not been asked to show our train tickets at the theatre.
  10. Sorry to hear about Rita to you and your other girls.
  11. What would you have done on Christmas day if you hadn't opened it in advance? I don't think you should tell him in advance that you opened it and don't like it, because, although you mean well, it will probably put him off trying to surprise you again. I really appreciate it when my husband puts thought and effort into pressies for me, even if he gets it wrong occasionally, especially because I know it doesn't come naturally to him. Instead, I would recommend you should practice your Christmas Day reaction, and think in advance of where you minght put it. Then build that into your reaction. For example "That's so lovely...I've been looking for something chicken related to put in XXX, and this will be perfect!" That way, the kitchen doesn't even come into the equation. You can always retire it later from wherever you put it.
  12. How awful Matthew! It makes my blood boil, what makes them think they have the right to come into your garden and do that? Have the Police been yet? What did they say/do? Can you rig up some sort of monitoring system in case the scumbags come back>
  13. Good luck tomorrow Emu, can't wait to see some piccies of your new girls!
  14. Rib of Beef is our preferred christmas day lunch. We'll be having roasties, yorkies, stuffing, braised red cabbage, pureed swede&carrot, and something green. Christmas pudding for, well, pudding. Everything home made, although not home grown. Yum.
  15. I;m not sure that a full and frank exchange will have the desired effect. I DEFINITELY think talking to her about it is the way to go, but I would suggest a slightly softer approach. Before you start, think about why she is doing it. Probably, she thinks she's giving the kids a treat, it did her kids no harm, etc etc. Thinking about it fromi her POV will help arm you against her argyments. Then I would sit her down and say something along the lines of "I really need to talk to you about something. I find it very difficult, so please bear with me if this comes out a bit wrong. I know that you like to give XX treats, and I appreciate that it probably didn't do any harm to your kids. The proplem for me is that I'm really keen that he doesn't grow up on lots of sugary stuff. I get really upset/frustrated/cross (choose appropriate emotion) when you feed him biscuits etc after I've specifically asked you not to, because you're undermining all the work I'm trying to do in bringing him up to like a healthy diet. I'm sure you think I'm overreacting, and maybe I am, but it's not easy trying to give him a good dietary start in life - it would be SO MUCH easier if I just fed him junk food and sugar. You feeding him this stuff when I've specifically asked you not to makes me feel that you are really undermining me. How would you feel if i started criticising the way you brought up your kids? I also know that you'd love to have him over night. The reason I haven't been keen on this is that I feel you don't respect what I'm trying to do, and i;m concerned that you'll be feeding him all the stuff you know I've banned. I know grandmas are there to give illicit treats occasionally, and I'm happy that when he's a bit older, you do it in moderation - preferably after we've areed what sort of treat is OK. I love you very much, and I'm si lucky to have you living close by. I'm really pleased that you're part of our everyday lives, and I don't want this to come between us". In favtv, it might be better if you wrote it in a letter, that way you can say everythihg witghout interruption. However, get someone to read the letter first to make sure that you don't say anything in a way which could be misinterpreted.
  16. Claret, don't forget that Lakeland has its customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you buy the Remoska and sdon't like it, you can take it back. I decided some time ago to buy a Remoska. I read all the stuff on the website, watched the Lakeland videos, and went to my local Lakeland to buy one. There's only 2 of us, but I bought the Grand Remoska, as I couldn't see how I'd fit a whole chicken in the standard one. I used it once and realised it was hopelessly oversized. I then bought the small (standard) one, which has been very good. But by this time I had spend a couple of hundred pounds, as of course I had bought the rakcs for both of them too. In the end, I emailed Lakeland's customer services and asked if there was any way they would take the Grand one back. They said no problem, just return it to the shop. I felt really cheeky when I did, but knowing that Customer Services had already said it would be OK made me feel less embarrassed. The lady in Lakeland didn't bat an eyelid, and didn't make me feel guilty or anything. Anyway. Just a thought.
  17. Maybe, just maybe of course, your mum was trying to be supportive and enthusiastic (for once)? You mention that you don't normally talk to your mum about the girls, so the chances are she doesn't really understand the difference between them having 'freedom within your run' and 'freedom to free range'. I would guess that (like most non chicken owners) thinks that chickens are either kept in battery cages or else run free, and she equates your set up with them running free. Obviously I don't have the baggage of the history between you and your mum (although of course I have my own with mine ), so when I read the words you'd written, I didn't take them as a dig. Not sure if that helps, but thought I'd put my oar in anyway. xxx
  18. Those bags are lovely Snowy. Definitely wrong time/wrong place. You need an outlet where people aren't expecting cheap second hand bargains. Maybe a "proper" craft fair? Or advertise on somewhere like the RIver Cottage Forum.
  19. He won't hurt you Poet, and it'snot as though he was a rat. If he goes near the chickens then they are likely to try and eat him anyway, they love a bit of mouse.
  20. When i first saw them some months ago, I thought they looked revolting. But when I started to look for Chooks that matched my criteria, I read more about them and they began to grow on me. The reaction from my non-chickeny friends has generally been one of horror, which perversely made me start to talk about what lovely characters the TNN's had, they're very friendly, very rare, etc etc. I found myself liking them quita a lot, and I now think they are not horrible to look at, just really unusual. Fee, is that your TNN in the picture?? She's a little sweetie! EDITED TO ADD: I don't think she can be, she's not in your list of chooks. Does she belong to someone you know?
  21. So sorry to hear your news. I do hope you decide to ghet some more chooks in the new year.

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