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  1. Sorry to hear your news. I doubt the outcome would have been different if you had kept her inside. As others have already said, she was a very lucky girl to have ended her days in freedom with you. <>
  2. Hello everyone Well, today I put down a deposit on two of my planned three hens, for collection in March. I decided to go for a Transyvanian Naked Neck and a Buff Sussex, the third will be a Bluebelle hybrid (from a different supplier). There was a hitch though... the Naked's aren't laying at the moment. They do have one 8 week old chick, which they think is a girl; if she is, and if she survives the winter of course, then she will be mine and i'll have all my hens in February. Otherwise I won't be getting my chooks until May! S/he won't be sexed for another 8 weeks, so I guess I'll know at the end of January what the ETA will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  3. Hi Cat I completely accept what they say in their ethics statement, that they are Barn rearing their hens. However, "Barn Rearing" doesn't have one standard definition. It just means that the chickens are in a barn, not in battery cages. In the best Barn systems, the chickens have enough space to stretch, flap their wings and roost. In the worst, they don't have space to do anything. The words that Nandos use in their statement are very encouraging, because they specifiy that they feed GM free foods and don't use growth promoters. But they do stop short of saying anything about space for chickens to carryout normal chicken behaviour. This omission may be because they believe it's implied in their other information, they may not have thought about it, or it may be because it's not true. With Corporate speak I've learnt not to infer anything beyond what is actually stated.
  4. I've eaten in Nandos before, ie before I had thought about keeping chickens, and I've always found the food to be very tasty. I've emailed them and sais I was pleased to read that their chickens are kept in well ventilated barns etc, I described what the BHWT says a Barn chcicken should be able to do, and asked them whether this is true of their chickens. I've explained that I now keep chooks as pets and this has made me much more aware of the issues around chicken welfare. If it turns out that their chickens are kept relatively humanely then I'd like to support them, and if they don't then I won't go there at all. In either case I will write (not email) to let them know, as customer feedback (and spending/not spending) is the only way to encourage "good" organisations and discourage "bad" ones. I appreciate your point Claret, that truckloads of chooks go into Faccienda. I'm not surprised though. Let's say that 40 million of the 60 million Brits eat chicken just once a week, and let's say they all eat quarter of a chicken (not just the breast meat). . That's 10 million chickens A WEEK that are consumed. And of course many people eat only breast, many people eat chicken more than once a week, so goodness knows what the real figure is. Thanks very much for your replies so far, I'll let you know what they say.
  5. Hi, we have a new Nandos (portugese spiced chicken) restaurant open up near us, and one of my friends really wants to go. I've had a look at their website to see what welfare standards their chickens have, and this is what they have to say: "Nando’s uses A Grade, barn-reared chickens, which are sourced from the UK, with the exception of some of our chicken breast fillets, which are sourced from Holland. Our chicken is supplied to us fresh, never frozen from Faccenda the 2nd largest supplier in the UK and our Halal chicken from Freemans of Newent. Nando’s chickens are housed in straw-bedded, well-ventilated barns and they have constant access to food and water. They are fed non-GM feed and are free from antibiotic growth promoters. We can assure you of this because our producers adhere to strict standards laid out by the ACP (Assured Chicken Production) and are also regularly audited by our own Welfare team. Our business is chicken, and their health & happiness is a priority for us, because any problems for our chickens is a problem for us" Here's a link http://www.nandos.co.uk/?%22/frame/CU/Contact_Us.html%22 This obviously isn't free range, it sounds more like the Barn system which the BHWT says is acceptable. http://www.bhwt.org.uk/barnvfree.html I was going to email Nandos to ask them about the space each bird has, but that sounds a pretty daft question, and one where it would be easy for them to fudge the answer anyway. Do I accept that the chickens are reasonably well kept (as we aren't in an ideal world of everything being free range), or is there something more I should be asking them?
  6. Great news Mrs B. I think you need to update your sig now, don't you?
  7. Congratulations..am looking forward to more pics as they start to recover!
  8. Completely off topic, but I have to ask... Cinnamon, why would I run if I saw your chickens?
  9. Poor Clover! Looking forward to hearing what happens tonight.
  10. Oh congratulations Sarah, they're gorgeous!
  11. And of course you could sell the excess on Ebay, and get the boxes to pay for themselves!
  12. COngratulations Christian, the girls are gorgeous! And fab names too xxx
  13. COme on Christian, we're waiting to hear about - and see pics - of the new girls!
  14. I;m so sorry, what a terrible thing to have happened. <> to you and your remaining girls.
  15. Hi Noodle It won't affect cats. I have cats, so I phoned Foxwatch to find out before putting it on my "to buy" list.
  16. Poor Tattie, and Poor you! Have a good cry, it'll help you get over the shock. I don't have any constructive advice to add to that which you've already had. Oh, except perhaps maybe some electrifed netting?
  17. How about Upstairs Downstairs: Rose, Ruby, Daisy, Sarah (or Clemence as she liked to call herself), Kate(Mrs Bridges), Marjorie (Mrs Bellamy), Maud (Miss ROberts).Hazel, Prudence (Lady Fairfax, friend of Marjorie)
  18. Hi Vicki, thanks for that. Funnily enough, i did look at those (and many others) on Ebay, but they just wouldn't stand up to the rain. In the end I bought some ceramic ones from Ebay. They are a bit small, but are actually quite endearing (wjen separated from each other)...If they last the winter, and the cats pouncing on them, I'll put them on my patio when the live ones arrive.
  19. Ye-es, but don't forget the starting point was "zero chickens" . When it was obvious that we were going to get something, he understood the need for 2, then the logic of 3. in case one dies. He absolutely flipped when he heard the mention of 4 (and he doesn't flip very often), but has since agreed that I can add a couple of ex-batts after a full year. We'll see.
  20. Cinnamon, I found these in Pets at Home yesterday. Which size did you get? They come in small (3 or so inches, slightly bigger than a ping pong ball) ), medium (5 or so inches, a bit like a tennis ball size), and large.
  21. Lovely chooks - and the red Cube looks really smart!
  22. What a fab idea. I can use it as an extra fridge over christmas! (Non edibles of course)

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