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  1. I think the short waiting time is due to the time of year. March is one of the most popular times for getting chickens, so I would expect the lead time to extend again. Mind you, Christmas to March is 9 weeks or so, so you should be fine.
  2. No. I ordered my Cube a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday! Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations!! Please post some piccies so we can see. I have a Cube, also delievered yesterday (same man perhaps?) and no chickens yet. On another forum someone suggested getting cardboard chickens to put in it, and I think I;m going to do just that.
  4. Yay Orange!! And yay,new chooks!! I'm going for Buff Sussex, a Bluebelle, and either a Naked Neck OR a Silver Laced Wyandotte. That is, unless I can convince DH that 4 is the same as 3 really. But bearing in mind he had a bit of an adverse reaction last time the number 4 was mentioned, I'm not sure that's going to be possible. Hazel xx
  5. Thank you all for taking the time to reply and for your enthusiasm. I love this forum! I have to confess the slide show was done on Photobucket, I didn't have to do anything apart from tell it which pics to look at. Waiting is difficult. But on my side, we don't have the walk in run yet, although DH will start on that in the next week or too. I like the idea of cardboard hens. I was talking to DH last night about whether our neighbours will complain, and I thought having an empty Cuibe would be interesting. I might try and get some pretend hens from somewhere to put in it.
  6. Cube arrived yesterday. Plan was to store the parts until we had built the walk in run (remember, our hens aren't coming 'til March). But there were so many pieces, it was going to be a nuisance storing them in the shed, so DH started to build it in the kitchen last night, and finiehed it off in the garden this morning. Thank goodness for french windows. Tha cats have adopted it as a new garden toy. There's a slideshow of the build if you're interested... http://witchhazelhens.blogspot.com/2007/11/building-cube.html And, for the first time, DH is actually, genuinely, OK with the hen keeping malarkey! It's been a long journey to get him to this point.
  7. Someone on another thread said they used a a shallow tubtrug. It's wide, so the sand doesn't tend to get thrown out, and you can buy a cover for it to keep them clean. Best of all, they come in a range of Eglue/Cube matching colours http://www.tubtrugs.com/tubtrugs.html
  8. Hi, does anyone have any experience of this supplier? Reason for asking is that - as my sig says - I'm planning to get my cickens in March. I'm only "allowed" three, (I;m struggling to get my wish list down to this number) and I'm having touble finding a supplier who has all three (four) breeds that I want. Main cause: one of the breeds is a Naked Neck, which is proving hard to find. I know that they have Naked Necks at Wernlas, and the only other place that looks like they breed them is Poultry Mad. I've just emailed them to ask for more info, but it is such a trek over there that I'd appreciate your views on them as a supplier before I make the journey. Thanks in advance
  9. Oh bless them! They're so sweet. Please post pics frequently so we can see how quickly (or not) they change as they get used to their wonderful new wnvironment.
  10. Oh they're SO beautiful!! I imagine they are a bit overwhelmed with the exctiement of it all and I bet that in a couple of days they'll be sortingout the pecking order and will have settled down. I'm really looking forward to reading your updates. I'm only "allowed" to get 3 (DH initially not at all keen on any, flipped out when I mentioned 4) and I've been struggling to decide what to get. Was thinking of a Bluebelle, so will be interested to hear what she's like for you. Thanks for posting
  11. Shona, I;m so sorry to hear about Josie. I;m sorry I can't think of anything comforting to say. I know this may sound a little "previous", but I do hope you decide to get some more chooks. <> to you and your family,
  12. Oh Shona, I'm so sorry!! Fingers crossed that Josie will be OK after a bit of tlc.
  13. 35 litres. It's the pink one on this page: http://www.tubtrugs.com/tubtrugs.html
  14. Aaaah, I see. Thank you. I was trying to decide what to use ofr a dustbath, think I'll give this a go then. I see on the tub trugs website that it comes in a wide variety of colours - but sadly the shallow one doesn't come in orange. I've emaied the manufacturers m to let them know that their colours coordinate well with Omlet, and to ask about an orange. Thanks Laura.
  15. Laura, What a great idea! How big is your shallow trug? The shallow one that I have seen seem quite big - 57cm diameter.
  16. Really sorry tohear your news. I think your solicitor was perhaps being over zealous in assuming that "livestock" includes a few pet chooks. Now that you have decided to send your chickens back, and that Omlet can't collect them for a couple of weeks, perhaps it's worth talking to your neighbour about it? You have nothing to lose now. Ask her what it is she is objecting to really. It can't just be the clause in the deeds. I would imagine she saw the chooks and then went to ocheck the deeds, so the "problem" is with the chooks. Direct her to the Omlet website (not necessarily the forum), or print off the Omlet pages that talk about why you won't get rats etc. See if there's something you can do. Perhaps she will agree to seeing how it goes for a few months? Although this means you'll lose the opportunity to get a refund from Omlet, you know that Omlet stuff has an excellent resale value, and lots of people on here would rehome your chickens if it came to it. As I said, you have nothing to lose now.
  17. Orange, much to my DH's disgust. However, I told him I was also considering Pink (which wasn't true), so he was happy at the orange. I did nearly falter and go for the red, as that looked much better in real life than I expected. But Orange won the day. And you're right. I can't wait til March. It's such a long way away. But I will be strong. I will; I will wait. =-)
  18. We've ordered the cube, and we decided to buy the standard run with it. This is because we think it will be easier to connect the Omlet run to our home made run, rather than trying to create our own connection, iyswim. Two iother pluses are that the girls will get to use the underneath of the cube for extra shelter, and we get the anti-dig skirt all round the cube so I feel the whole cube will be well protected. Although it seems a lot of money, we know how expensive that sort of wire is. We're planning to get a similar grade (although probably not plastic coated) for the home made run. We will probably shorten the run though. We think we only need it to to come out to the end of the ladder, which means we can keep the ladder attached but still move the cube away for cleaning etc, and there will be enough length to slide the roof forward in situ. It's coming on 6th NOvember, but we won't be building it yet. At least that's what DH says at the moment. When we build it will be dependant on when we start to build the run. Hopefully very soon. Thanks for all your input, it's been really helpful.
  19. I've ordered my orange cube! DH and I went to visit Omlet yesterday. Following a lot of the discussion on here about the limitations of the Cube's run/etension, DH agreed to build me a large walk in run, and we had agreed that we would have the Cube outside the run. We're now designing the details, and so we needed to see the Cube so we could make sure we took itnot account any foibles. James was great, patiently spent time with us while we pulled, prodded, and poked the display cube. Thanks to Snowy, we were looking paricularly at the sliding roof and the ladder. I hadn't planned to order it yet as the chooks aren't coming til March, but I decided I might as well as we were there, and they'd been so kind, etc etc. It's coming on 6th November! I also came away with a pile of other stuff, I know it's far too early but I just couldn't resist. I have my egg tray (which I will not use until I have eggs from my own hens), plus Vermx, Grit, pultry spice. I'm so excited. It's ridiculous really, as I still have months to wait... but I think it means we can get on with the run anyway. Just wanted to share....
  20. Thanks for your replies and pics Snowy. Actually it was seeing your picture on one of the galleries some time ago that gave me the idea for having the Cube outside the run, so thank you for that too. I had thought about using the standard run to butt up to the home made run, but I didn't realy want to take up that much space on the side. I had considered buying the run and "cutting it down", but then I hadn't appreciated your point about sliding the roof. I think I need to see the CUbe and run in person again. I saw one some mobths ago (thanks to Gallina), but at that stage I wasn't thinking about building our own run so didn't look at these details. Thanks again.
  21. Try this link instead. Make sure you have your audio on, as it explains STEP BY STEP and in English how to do it. http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-fold-a-t-shirt-in-2-seconds-explained
  22. Hi all Could someone who has one please help? I see that the standard run (not the extension) that comes with the Cube has part of it which goes under the cube down to the ground. Is this physically part of the remainder of the run (so it cannot be separated), or is it separate by any chance? The reason for asking is that my DH is going to build me a large walk in run. I intend to have the Cube situated outside the run, securely joined to it. This means I can collect eggs, clean, and open the door without having to undo and walk inside the run. I will be getting the Cube before my DH builds the run, long before I get the chooks, so that we can build it to fit. However this seems to waste the space underneath the cube, so I would quite like to incorporate that into my run space as well. I can build something to fence it off and attach it to the run, but I was thinking that if the bit supplied by Omlet is separate, then I could just use that. Hope the question makes sense. Thanks in anticipation
  23. What a great idea! *goes of to get her pad* Some days it seems as though every time I come on this site I have a new "must have" for my list.

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