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  1. I like that idea and think I could live with that. It's very practical and it really helps limit the guilty feeling of putting the body in the rubbish. Thanks charlottechicken.
  2. Thanks for your answers so far. Poet, I'm not sure I could cremate the body myself, I think the smell would be too distressing. As an adult I've only had to deal with the death of two cats and one horse. Both cats lived to a good age (16 and eighteen) and put to seleep by the Vet. I had the Vet send the bodies off to be cremated and I scattered the ashes in the garden. It was very expensive though. Of course I'm not expecting tohave hens dying all the time, and I don't intend to have a flock to deal with. I do anticipate having hens for the next 30 years or so and I can imagine that will be a lot of hens, especially if (as planned) my second intake onwards are ex batts. I'm not sure I'll be able to afford all the cremations. I'm also not too sure about burying them in the garden, although Aunty E's point about reusing places might make it a possibility. I'm just trying to think about this logically, so that when it happens I'll be prepared. When my first pony died I was shocked (and refused) when I was asked if I wanted him to go to the local hunt. Instead, I had the knacker man collect the body. Years later, I realised that the hunt was actually quite a practical suggestion, and probably no worse than whatever did happen to him. It's useful to know that it is legal to wrap them up and put them in the domestic waste, thanks kr00zin. The sentimental part of me thinks I couldn't bring myself to do that, but the practical side of me recognises that it's only a body, the soul & spirit will have departed and the memory will be with me, so maybe I could. I would also imagine that it would be hardest to do that with the first one, and it would probably not be such a hard decision from then on. Thanks for your replies so far. and I'm interested to hear what others who have not yet replied do as well.
  3. Hi, sorry to put it so bluntly... but what do you do with the body of your dead chicken?
  4. Onje of the problems with their concept is that the portions were absolutely tiny, and that is one of the complaints they kept getting (in addition to service being too slow). I've been to a restaurant (Colleys Supper Rooms in Reading) which specialiss in seven courses, and it's excellent. There is only one seating, so everyone arrives and the meal starts for everyone at the same time. It's just a question of how you do it.
  5. I was out so had to record it, and i forgot to record the "Your Fried". I think the Twins did really well and should have won. I also thought that Raymond did sum up one thing reallly well: he said he thought they would be very happy running their concept as a cafe with their friends. He didn't mean it nastily, and I think it was very perceptive. I could really see the Twins doing that, and doing it really well. I suspect Jermeny had some coaching from someone, as I noticed in thks program he AT LAST did put his arm around his sobbing wife, and he did try and be supportive (well, when she was blubbing her eyes out 1 hour before they opened, not so much in the market); plus he also said he was making mistakes, he was a numpty, etc. Maybe Jeremy and Jane had to win. After all, she was a trainee teacher, and I can't see her habving much credibility in front of a classroom of kids now. I can just see the kids all pretend-bawling at her!, or trying to get her to cry. I think getting pregnant may be Jane's way of coping with the stress. She will have an excuse for crying all the time ("hormones"), and can opt our hen it gts too much and not opt back in until its all up and running. If the Twins had won, I'[d go along to their new restaurant to have a look; I don't see me bothering with Jeremy and Jane. Oh well, it was an interesting ride.
  6. I emailed the link to my DH, saying "After the chickens, this is what I'd like to get..." He's a bit worried now. For years I've been saying I'd like to get some chickens when I stop work. I stopped work 18 months ago, and started to talk more about getting chickens. Then I took him to Wernlas, he wasn't keen to go, and it turned out he had thought I was joking all this time. He's not sure whethert I'm serious about the piggy or not, so he's employing the "let's ignore it and hope it goes away" tactic!
  7. So, who do you want to win? And who do you think will?
  8. Oh how gorgeous is that! And he only grows to the size of a cocker spaniel. I wonder how easily he could be house trained...?
  9. Yes, I've just seen it and came back here to post the link. You beat me to it.
  10. Excellent idea. Another item for my list. March seems such a long way away.
  11. I loved it, and smiled out loud at the pipes. I laughed out loud when Jermey put the pipe the wrong way round saying that, with Porsches, the hot bit went at the back. When he burnt his tongue I couldn't contain myself. I loved the way they kept the pipes throughout the show, I was expecting a load of complaints about them lighting up though. Oh, and Jools Holland went up in my estimation. Great show.
  12. We have two recycling boxes, bith of which are collected weekly (and the same day as the bin). One if for paper/card and the other is for glass/metal/plastic, I really appreciate the weekly collection. When I lived in another borough it was fortnightly and on a different day to the rubbish, and we rarely remembered to put the box out. The problem is understanding what plastic is acceptable. When we moved here, we put everything plastic in the recycling, and then we got a note telling us what was acceptable - but instead of telling us something helpful, like "Only things with a "2" stamped on the bottom), they talked about fizzy drinks bottles and shampoo bottles. We've discovered that most plactic items aren't acceptable. We keep both these boxes indoors. Our neighbour keeps hers in the middle of her drive, and she puts everything in (like we used to do). Unfortunately, she doesn't put anything on the top, so each day we end up picking her used carrier bags, bread roll bahgs, sweetie wrappers etc out of our driveway and hedge. One day I had (and I am not exaggerating) nearly a quarter of a wheely bin full of her stuff, as she'd put some polystyrene out and that had blown into my drive. I was seething, and at one point I was posed to throw it back over onto her driveway. However I realised that, whilst it would have been satisfying, I was being childish, so I put it in my bin. I would love to have a regular green waste collection, but we don't. We can phone up and book a date for them to come, but there is usually a three week wait. And then everyting has to be bagged up, or. tied in neat bundles Instead we go to our local tip, but they are now being funny about trailers (ours is 5x3) so we have to do several car journeys for what we used to do in one trailer run. Not very green, huh?
  13. We lost our garage. It was a rickety old thing, and it collapsed in the storm. Fortunately we didn't use it to keep the cars in. We never did replace it, and we didn't claim on the insurance (it was in such bad shape to start with, we felt it was tooo cheeky to put in a claim). The arden seemed much bigger with it gone! We lived near Cliveden then. Many trees came down and smashed part of the huge walls of the estate to pieces. It took a long time to rebuild them, they had trouble sourcing suitable reclaimed bricks I believe. There was a lot of damage in Burnham Beeches. We were able to get to work, but many people couldn't. Lots of great stories, one of my colleagues couldn't get out of her road because it was blocked by a fallen tree. Her husband and some of the others were out with chainsaws trying to cut through it. She made it into work in the afternoon.
  14. Haven't seen the trailer yet, can't wait!
  15. Egluntine, do you have a llink to the info about the Trout or the Thatch? My DH comes from Thame and can't remember pubs of those names there. Mind you, he's been away from there for many years now.
  16. Thanks for that link Egluntine. I'm not surprised the Twins hadn't mentioned their party organising on Myspace.. according to their page they are looking to be spotted by a TV producer. Still...they definitely aren't what I thought! I found some more interesting trails from their page. Martin (from the Bravo! couple) was listed as a friend of laura&jess, so I clicked his link. And on his page I found a link to Jacqui. It turns out Jacqui has also been doing some TV, and waaaay back before The Restaurant she was looking for an agent. None of the three Myspaces mentioned the show (as far as I could tell). Maybe they aren't allowed to in the terms of their contract? I still hope they win as I dislike James and Jane so much!
  17. Although I was really sad that Grant & Laura and Jess & Laura were in the challenge, because it meant that one of them had to go, I think the challenge itself was an incredible opportunity and I was perversely pleased that James & Jane didn't get it. Can you imagine what Jane would have been like front of house? Can you see James coping in the kitchen having to get dishes ready at the same time as someone else? I watched the "Youre Fried" episode this week, dom't normally as Iwatch something else. I was AMAZED at the interviews with the public when so many people sai they wanted James&Jane to win! In the audience though, the majority were routing for the twins. I would love the twins to win, I really hope they do...but I feel that Jeremy and Jane will. Oh well, we'll know in less than a week. And if anyone does know, please DON'T say. Thanks
  18. ooh, i've just seen the egg racks in th Omlet shop. Are they new? If you have one, are they sany good? I'm torn now between the terracotta egg rack which was the original subject of thisthreadm and the ceramic ones in the Omlet shop,
  19. I can't believe Jeremy and Jane are in the final. Is there ever a day when that woman doesn't cry? And raw salmon? Yet still they got through. I think Grant should have kept back one of his veggie haggis just in case Raymond came in. I'm sure it was the appalling veggie dish he served that "did for " him. I bet Jeremy and Jane win. WHat a shame.
  20. I was very sorry to see Adwoa and Lloyd go, but I think I would have been sad whichever couple went out. I wonder if they kept James in to keep the interest up? I know I've been willing them to be closed for weeks! I can't believe they will win.
  21. I can't stand Jeremy either. Yesterday when his wife was in one of her floods of tears, he did nothing. He didn't put his arm round her, or stroke her arm, or anything, then he has the cheek to say he's there to support her! AQnd not following up on that table of twenty! What an opportunity to make a good impression and to really make the customer feel special. I was really hoping they would go out last week. I know the couple that did go out (the Bravo! couple) wouldn't have won, but they finally found a concept they could work with. And they were such a pleasnat pair. She was so gratful to Raymond, unlike that awful woman (the one who was in it with her son) and was so snotty afterwards. I don't normally watch any reality TV, but I can't stop myself watching this.
  22. Buy a plastic jug - one which is different to any you use in the rest of the house - and keep it by the loo.
  23. WitchHazel


    Another Logitech fan here.
  24. I just requested the details online... apparently the estate agent is in Leicester?? Seems a bit odd to have an agent in Leicester handle a property in London?! Will let you know if I hear anything.

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