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  1. I've successfully treated vent gleet with Canesten. I used the syringe product in my hen's vent. This isn't licenced for poultry, I'm not a vet.
  2. -1 KatherineOfAragon (one of my beautiful Harem girls) died yesterday, aged 6 and a half. +3 Violet, Elizabeth and Bott. We decided to keep all 3 female chicks from this year's hatch =2362
  3. I have two Cube Mark 1s and a Go Up (originally a Go, but I bought the kit when Omlet brought out the Go Up), and I've also owned a classic. I love the Cube Mark 1s most of all, and that's what I started with. I bought a Classic as I started hatching, and I wanted something for the chicks. I love the iconic shape of it, but (for me) it had some serious flaws. I found it wasted a lot of grass - the area under the Eglu just wasted away, even if I moved it every few days. I found getting down to clean it was also a bit of a pain, the CubeM1 is so easy in comparison. In the end I bought a second cube instead, and sold the Eglu. My Mark1 Cubes rarely move, we have them connected to a walk in run which my husband built when I first started keeping chickens. Eventually we removed the wheels because they were seizing up through lack of use. Then I needed a hospital coop for a poorly chook, so I bought a Go. This worked well, even the grass underneath lasted better than under the Classic (because the base is slightly elevated compared to the Classic). It was flimsier than the Cube, but OK for what we needed. When the Go Up came out, I loved the idea of being able to have the Go at a raised height. Much easier for cleaning, emptying poo tray, etc. I bought the bits to convert my Go to a Go Up. Now it's mostly used in Up form, but I can use it as it was if I need to. Its light and easy to move around. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, I haven't seen the Cube Mark 2 in the flesh, but they look like bigger versions of the Go to me. If I were starting again now, I'd probably still go for the Mark 1 Cubes as my first choice for permanent coops, and a Go Up for my introductions/hospital/chicks/temporary/moveable coop.
  4. -1. Siouxsie, died this week, just before her 9th birthday, 2333
  5. I have 3 of these for sale, price is for all 3. These are (unused and stred in a box) cube Mark1 run fronts. These comprise one piece which holds the door (I don't have the doors or the pins) and another piece for the top arch. The two pieces are held together by run clips. There is no skirt, no door, no door pegs. Collection from Old Windsor, Berkshire. £5 for all 3 fronts.
  6. Yes, perfect. The rules are Retails
  7. Zoe is currently number and she doesn't want to become number 4,5 or 6 - that's why she's fighting so hard. Getting her retaliation in first. I've had that before when doing intros, its often the bottom hen who gets the most aggressive.
  8. I was just going to recommend this. It's great stuff. I use the gluey version (the one that comes with a brush) a lot.
  9. -1 last year (NotNorman) -3 this year (Blue, Batty, and my gorgeous boy Henry) 2307-4 = 2303 Add in Barbara and Annie from last year's hatch Flash (my new cockerel), and 2 new young girls yet to be named 2303+5 = 2308
  10. Hello We had to cull our (non Vorwerk) cockerel a few days ago/ This was thew first year in many years that we didn't hatch chicks, so we had no boys available as a replacement. Instead I've collected a Vorwerk cockerel from a local lady who hatched some Vorwerk eggs recently. He is 9 weeks old.I'm keeping him at home in my garden so we can get him used to us, and to give him time to grow before we put him in with our allotment girls. I've only had him 2 days - ee put him in our spare Go, in sight of our garden girls. I realised he might get a bit lonely over the next few weeks, so last night I collected two similarly aged 'legcana' females to keep him company, and so there will be 3 of them to introduce to the allotment crowd when the time comes. I'm looking at him today and I realised he doesn't actually look like a boy. When we've hatched (non Vorwerk) boys before, there comes a point where the boys have a bit more of an upright stance than the girls. I've got a horrible feeling "he" is a "she". Does anyone have any pics of Vorwerks of either sex at about this age (9 weeks) so I can compare, please?
  11. I've had to do that before. A double fence so it's too broad for my two escapees to fly over, witha no-hens-land in the middle. I was hoping that 5 months "in the cooler", with no outside access, would cure them. Apparently not.
  12. Well, let ours out and there was lots of grass munching going on. Within 5 minutes, they;s managed to escape and one of them was in the house trying to eat cat food. The cat was also trying to eat the cat food at the time. Hen 1, Cat 0.
  13. Thank you for the warning. We're utting our grass in preparation, and I'll be letting them out in the afternoon.
  14. well done, love a happy ending. I've also found that NutriDrops to be great at perking up unwell hens. It's just a vitamin and mineral supplement (but very concentrated). You just squeeze a couple of drops into the hen's beak. (It's not a replacement for the bathing, but it might help in other cases)
  15. We had a very aggressive hen. We bought her (and another hen) at 6 weeks old and when they reached POL - added them to our then flock of 2. A year later we needed to replace one of the original 2, and so we kept two of our hatchlings to add to our flock. We did this when they were point of lay. Millie (the aggressive hen) went beserk. We thought for a long time that she was just "hen pecking". In fact, she only stopped "hen pecking" 2 new girls about a year later, when the other original hen died and Millie was Millie No Mates. Around this time, we added 2 more of our hatchlings, waiting until they were actually laying so they would be better able to stand up for themselves. Millie just would not leave them alone. I kept thinking it would settle down and that she was just hen pecking. Then I noticed that she didn't just peck at them when they crossed her path (which is what hen pecking tends to be), she actively went out of her way to find them to attack them. I tried separating her. It made no difference. One day, I watched her run across from the other side of the garden to get into the run so she could attack one of the youngsters who was trying to eat from the feeder. That's when I realised that it wasn't just hen pecking. She was never going to accept them, and that she really was a hen with a nasty streak. I watched for another day or so, and saw just how she went out of her way to dfind the youngsters wherever they were, and peck them repeatedly and with a lot of force. If they tried to run, she followed them and attacked them again. We culled her then, because I realised that she was never going to accet the "new girls" (unless she was Millie No Mates again), and she was making their lives hell. I hated doing it, but I was so very relieved. And I wished I'd done it sooner. I've told myself that if this ever happens again (really nasty deliberate bullying rather than just hen pecking), I'd cull the culprit immediately. I put her body in the run so that the remaining Girls could see that she was dead and wasn't coming back. Once they'd all had a look, I removed her. I don't know how or why she was such a nasty piece of work. I've never before or since had another hen like it. WHen I introduce new hens now, I watch the pecking carefully. After the first couple of weeks, when things should have started to settle down, I watch the behaviours of the older Girls carefully. If they give a quick peck or two when their path crosses a youngster, that's OK. If they chase the youngster, but stop as soon as the youngster moves away, that's ok. If hey peck the youngster when they realise they are sharing the same feeder, that's OK. Our current youngsters are still being hen pecked by one of our older hens (the last one to survive Millie), and I've been worried that she is repeating behaviours learned from Millie. She still pecks them when they cross her path (after 6 months), but as soon as they move away, she leaves them alone. She still makes life hard for them at bed time. She has chased them occasionally (but they have been confined since December, so that's not surprising). She isn't being a bully in the same way that Millie was.... but I am watching her. Just in case.
  16. We have a fox passing through our garden each morning at dawn, and that starts the Girls off. I've started shutting the Cube door (the Cube is attached to a large walk in run so haven't needed to shut it before), which the Girls really don't like but it gives me about an extra hour before they start making a racket.

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