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  1. I found the pouting lips lady a bit annoying to start with, but then I stumbled across some twitter comments. She has received some really, really horrible comments -It's so easy to forget that these are real people, with real lives and real feelings. She responded to the twitter comments really well. It really made me see her in a different way, and now I really like her.
  2. Lovely update Sarah Hope you start a blog soon
  3. Ooh, just scrolling back I realise that I need to add 2 (my replacements for my araucana boy) 2299+2=2301
  4. Hmm, made me chuckle. I'm sure we've all sat round as a family, folding the washing, haven't we?? (not). Did you watch the next video, where the CEO was launching the product? Not that you could see it because there was a pop-up within the video blocking it. His aim is to save marriages. I love automation and, as long as it saves me time, I don't mind if the automation is slower than me. Roomba is a good example. But this? Honestly, it tooklonger to hang the items on the ENORMOUS machine than it does to fold them by hand. And it can only do a few items in one go. If it was a box woth a lid where you could chuck the items in, in a pile, and they came out sorted, folded and pressed, then it might be worth it.
  5. Sorry Mrs B, when I started this thread I didn't spot you had already started one. EDTED TO ADD: I can't find yours...?
  6. Give them another couple of days DOn't forget, you need to move your head up and down/look through differeent parts of the lens for different distances. If you still aren't getting on with them, then go back to the opticians for advice. I get on fine with my varifocals, but I had the best quality lens that was then available which meant that the transition from normal specs to varifocals was easier. I did find a bit of difficulty reading music, so when my prescription needed changing I asked her about this. They did something slightly different to the lens (widened some angle or other)., and it's really helped. It might be they just need to do an adjustment on yours.
  7. Omlet have launched a new version of the Cube. It looks more like a bigger Go now click So what do you all think of it? I own 3 Cubes and a Go. I'd like to see one in the flesh to see if it feels solid like the current cube or a bit flimsy, like the current Go. +Door opener on the new Cube is probably better thab the old one. +Single tray is possibly better, depends on how unwieldy it is. +Roosting bars better than on the Go (where the roosting bars and nestbox are one piece). +Closable nestbox could be helpful in some circumstances. +Skirt arrangement is better as it can be removed/flipped up making the whole thing narrower when moving. I find my Cubes a bit of a pain to move because of the extra width each side. +ability to open back without having to slide roof forward (Thank you Mrs B. for pointing that out) ? Not sure about the wheels. I don't find the Go ones very robust. I'd need to see these in the flesh -Door on the end isn't great, better to be able to put door panels in the sides as well -Think they missed a trick in not providing a way of propely dividing the nestbox for those of us with hens that won't share. Especially as we've asked and asked for that in the past. Other views please?
  8. "parental rights" that's what Rob has officially. Although i can imagine that he'll get custody and then in 16 years time Henry and Gideon will turn up out of the blue to claim their inheritance. Bit like Johnny, but not pleasant chaps.
  9. I'm not sure there will be a custody battle. Helen is the parent, Rob hasn't adopted him formally they just have that other thing (name escapes me) which didn't require any investigation into Rob. I can imagine there will be a battle over Gideon/Jack.
  10. INteresting cross section of people and views (on the jury I mean). I'm not sure that in real life there would be anyone so desperate to get out of the jury room - for such a serious offence anyway - as portrayed there. Helen was so very lucky that one of the jurors was male and had a friend who had suffered abuse. I wonder what will happen now between Rob and Helen. That meeting was rather dramatic.
  11. Who else is waiting for today's episode to start? I've been a juror, will be interesting to see how realistic the representation is.
  12. We stopped listening to the Archers a few weeks ago. I was getting really fed up with Pat, with the Ambridge Faoiry miraculously solving unsolveable problems, with the Grundys (who have stopped being 'likeable rogues' and were turning into ridiculously "we're-entitled" selfish idiots), with Helen and her refusal to say anything, with Anna who keot cutting in and stopping Helen every time she did start to say something... I decided to wait until the trial. (Although I did sort of follow a bit, by looking at posts in an Archers FB group). I started listening again on Sunday. Irritated to distraction at the whispering in court plot device, and Pat making it all about her again and how unrealistic it is that so few of the family are there. Why wasn't Adam there to support Ian giving evidence? What about Kathy supporting Pat? Why wasn't Lilian there to support Tony? I think Tim Watson's portrayal of Rob has been terrific (not just in court, all the way through), and Louiza Patikas's portrayal of Helen in court has been superb. I've cried on 3 of the days. I'm very much looking forward to the hour long episode. Much as I want Helen to get off, if she does I hope it's done in a credible way - not the Ambridge Fairy.
  13. It sounds a bit odd that they would do that. There must be something more to it** How do you *know* they don't need the money? Perhaps they do. Or perhaps she's a bit flakey about Uni and it's their way of making sure she doesn't leave Uni to come home? *although some parents really *are* odd/do odd things.
  14. I'm really enjoying following the voyage of Guirec Soudée and his pet chook Monique (MoMo). The pictures he posts of their voyage are stunning, and I love seeing that little chicken. I know it's a bit weird and she didn't have a choice, but she's looking really well on it. I did get a bit nervous when I saw her on a surfboard. (A surfing hen! How mad is that). Recently he docked in Canada, and got into trouble with the Candian authorities - you aren't allowed to take birds into Canada (and he had a firearm which wasn't registered in Canada). He was imprisoned briefly, while they sorted it all out. Fortunately, the Canadians seemed very reasonable, and he (and MoMo) are free and are carrying on their adventures. If you're on Facebook you can follow them here (he posts in French and then repeats it in English): https://www.facebook.com/Voyage-dYvinec-Guirec-Soud%C3%A9e-264815366998831/ If you aren't a Facebook user, then you can see some of the videos on Youtube. hhttp://ttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2J5SLYPydPi68QIxypXMrw Anyone else following them?
  15. Sarah that's amazing! What a gorgeous property, well done you! Please do start a blog, I'd love to read about your journey.
  16. Is it possible the courier was attempting delivery to the wrong address? A few months ago now I was waiting in for my meat box delivery, it was meant to be a morning delivery. It didn't arrive, so at 1pm I phoned the supplier. They said they'd investigate. They phoned me back to say that it had been left with my neighbour, and gave me the house number. I explained that was a bit off as (a) I'd been in all morning and no one had called, and (b) the house number they'd been goven was a long way from me and was a flat, I couldn't understand why the courier would have gone all the way down the road, into a block which required them to get buzzed in, walk up the stairs, and leave the box with that neighbour. Nonetheless, I agreed to go and ask. Of course there was no box. I checked all the flats in the block, and all the houses in between (where anyone answered the door). I phoned the company back and explained. They checked again. The courier described the front door of the property he delivered to which didn't describe my door or the flat.. Eventually, it was agreed that the coureier would return and show me which house he'd delivered it to. He was meant to be with me within 15 minutes, but it was about an hour before he arrived. When he knocked, he had my parcel in his hands. He'd delivered it to a similarly named street in the next village.
  17. They have probably assumed it is yours, and so have technically done the right thing. Personally, I would have asked you whether you wanted the prunings and, if you did, where you would like them!
  18. The front door thing can only be an excuse, not a reason. With everything else done in the house, if you didn't like the front door, you'd just replace it. Sounds like they want a modern house that looks like a modern house, rather than a more period house that has been beautifully done. Probably best they aren't interested, they wouldn't appreciate all the work you've done. Your ideal buyer will turn up eventually. As an aside, your estate agent souds like an ass who isn't doing their job properly. Any agent worth their fee would have countered such a stupid comment by saying how lovely it is to have an original feature (which they could change if they didn't like).

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