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  1. I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. I have no practical advice to offer, but I really did want to send you a virtual hug. (I love them very much, love having them, but I find it draining when I have just one of my grandchildren to stay for any length of time).
  2. I love the hand scanners in Waitrose, it means I can shop and pack at the same time, so it's much quicker. I'm not so keen on self-scan tills, although they are OK when you get used to them. We always go for self scan at B&Q, but I don't like it so much in the supermarket. I can see that it is efficient for the supermarket because they can have one person manning many self-scanning tills, and most transactions seem to be problem free. It is frustrating and annoying when they are not though, whether it's me doing the scanning or me in the queue waiting for a self scan till to become available. I don't like the self scn in my local M&S, because there's no where sensible to put down my other shopping. The area allocated to each place is very narrow, so I end up with a sea of bags around me, encroaching on the neighbouring self scan tills.
  3. I wasn't expecting that, I thought she was going to cover her ears and say la la la (like Jess did(, and then be murdered by Rob. I really wasn't expecting this to come to such a head in such a way so soon.
  4. Well, it was very interesting, The floor was remarkably clean, I couldn't find any spots at all where she normally has fits and at first I though the torch wasn't working. On reflection, it's not surprising, as I clean a large area when she has a fit, and I do several cleans. I did find some on a skirting board, and the pattern suggests it probably is cat pee. I then went round the rest of the kitchen in the dark, armed with a clean cloth and a bottle of Dettol spray, and found lots of other bits (that weren't likely to be cat pee, but still showed up only under the ultra violet) on cupboard doors. The hall was next, floor was fine, but I found stuff by the floor level window which I guess must be cat nose. I can see that this is going to form a regular part of my cleaning routine from now on.
  5. Thank you - they've been doing that. On a side-but-vaguely-related note, when I looked into this for my parents, I found UV torches for sale which you can use (in the dark, obvs) to show up urine and other such stains. We have an epileptic cat, who loses bladder control when she has a fit. I disinfect with Dettol spray each time, and its amazing how far the urine travels. My torch and a bottle of "Simple SOlution" for cat urine arrived today. I suspect tonight might be a bit of an eye opener.
  6. Thanks bluekarin. SInce reading your original post I found some info on the Blue Cross website as well. I've sent the info to my parents - including mentioning that telling her off is not the right thing to be doing - and I'm sure they'll adapt. Groovychook, funnily enough I did think about clicker training, as I have some clickers. However, my parents wouldn't be able to get the hang of it. They'd understand the idea, but it would take them too long to do the click for the association to work. Thanks for your help everyone, I really hope this works out. She's a sweet little thing, she's now happy to come for a fuss but still can't bear to be picked up. It's early days though.
  7. Thanks for that link Groovy. Bluekarin They are taking her out every couple of hours, and doing the prasie/reward thing when she wees or poos outside. They do tell her off though when she pees in the house... so I can help them, what's the reason one should ignore/not comment on accidents please?
  8. Hello fellow Omleteers My eldery parents have taken on a new-to-them dog from a local rescue place, as a companion to their existing dog. The poor girl is an ex breeding machine, so she hasn't been house trained. They are doing the right things (mostly), but the poor little girl doesn't understand that when the paper is moved, she should move with it. She pees on the same place, where the paper was. I know that it's possible to get sprays to discourage dogs from weeing in certain places, but there is such an array of them, I don't know which to choose. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations please?
  9. Oh, I wish I'd thought to try that with our house hen, Tilda. That really made me chickle, thank you for posting.
  10. I'm so sorry to read this. I hope you are doing OK...or as OK as you can, under the circumstances.
  11. I bet the actor that plays Rob is glad that it's radio and not TV. I think he'd get a hard time otherwise! The poor chap has been getting a lot of hate mail and bad comments on social media. I believe he removed himself from social media platforms because of it. I think it's crazy... I mean, he's a radio actor, it's not like people can see him and recognize him....they actually have to go and fund iut the name of the actor that plays Rob, then find him on facebook/twitter, befire they keave their comments.
  12. I think the Rob and Helen storyline is mostly very real, and it's very credible that Helen has become such a shadow of her forner self. It happneed quite gradually, starting with her kearning to be careful about what she said or did for fear of upsetting Rob, and it has now culminated in her apologising for making him hit her. As an aside, I believe that Rob got someone else to do the paternity test (or he snuck in someone elses sperm), and that Richard Locke was the doctor who administered the test (remember that Richard seemed to remember meeting Rob from somewhere). I also suspect that Rob has done away with Stefan, the chap who witnessed him blocking up the culvert. I find the whole storyline very difficult to listen to, but gripping and - on the whole - well written. The actor who plays Rob is doing an outstanding job. On the other hand, there is lots that vex me, some of which do make me stop listening from time to time: Pat's transformation is completely out of character. The whole move to David/Ruth Prudhoe storyline was a joke, very very badly done I thought. The whole Heather moving down (after refusing to do it in the first place and causing the whole stupid storyline )/death of Heather thing was rubbish, crass, and unnecessary. I stopped listening for a short while over this, it got on my nerves so much, and I got sick of Ruth's constant whinging. I also hate that so many characters have become silents or have been written out. What a missed opportunity to cover Bethany's disability. Why bring in so many new young characters when some of the existing young characters don't get an storyline. Alice and Christopher. Jamie. Lots of them. I hate that at least 4 of the characters (Charlie, New Tom, Rex and Toby) have voices that are hard to distinguish - surely a major requirement for a radio production. The Fairbrother storylines are pathetic, despite having agricultural advisors they have no concept of what it would really be like trying to manage 200 geese, especially when the characters have no animal hunsbandry experience. And now those bloody "pastured eggs"! I could go on and on. (and frequently do). I'm relieved that Sean O'Connor is going, and I hope the new editor improves things.
  13. We listen to Radio 4 most of the day, and I get really fed up with the BBC running "news" stories about, er, the BBC. It's not just the one about Top Gear, it goes on all the time.... I remember a "big news" story running in the not too distant past about how...wait for it... the Today Programme was aired with two women presenters and no men! . It was, apparently, of such national significance that with two women presenters and no men! had been allowed to present the flagship programme, that they had interviews about it, what a day for women's equality! On that occasion, as on so many others, I shouted at the radio and exercised my listeners prerogative (I switched off). The BBC is so...so... up its own backside sometimes, it drives me mad! Gosh, I didn't see that rant coming when I started typing, sorry!
  14. Oh, photos are lovely., they brought a tear or two to my eyes. I always cry at weddings, but this is the first time I've cried over wedding photos of someone I don't really know! Your Dad looks so happy, your dress is perfect. Congratulations again
  15. Mine just stops suddenly. You only get 20 mins on low power. If you use it on high power (which I normally do) the time is much less. The theory is that, because you have to keep the button pressed, you only have it working while its vacuuming. In my case, I keep my finger depressed while I'm moving around. The time is usually enough for me to do the vacuuming I need to do, I don't tend to vac the whole house at once.
  16. COngratulations! What a lovely thing to do. Photo look sgreat
  17. No, don't use your maiden name... sign it with your married name as you would any correspondence. I appreciate why you're concerned, but let's just think this through. Say you use your maiden name, and this goes further. It's going to look a but suspicious that you are in the same line of business and didn't use your "real" name, it will look like you were trying to hide something. (Which WE know you're not). Just sign it normally. If anyone says anything about you being in the same line of business just say "what's that got to do with it? If I was doing this as a business slur I would have posted this all over your facebook page and used a false name"
  18. Sarah, what a horrible experience. I would definitely contact the company concerned, Whatever is going on in that chap's life is no excuse for his behaviour. I can understand you not wanting to phone, it can be very difficult to express yourself clearly in this sort of situation. Looking at what you have written in your post, I think you have been very calm and clea and articulate - and I would recommend that you copy/paste pretty much your entire post here and email it to them. SUGGESTED CHANGES - removes faded, additions in bold Last night I drove home after workat 5pm (or whatever it was), along Roadmy usual route which,as you are probably aware, involves a busy car park I have to drive right through. It was heaving, as usual. ... It was really frightening & I shook for a good hour after I got home. So, what should I do? The van was sign written & it is a local company based in the car park. We know them....same line of work as ourselves, but they have a poor local reputation. The Van was one of yours. I didn't get the number plate, as he was so close I couldn't see it. I didn't get a good look at hom either, as I couldn't see into the cab. I got very little sleep last night.....this has really rattled me, and that's why I decided to write to you. NOW YOU NEED TO PUT IN WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN.ou just need to decide what outcome you want, so you can include this. Do you want an apology? Are you writing because you are concenrened he will recognise you and harrass you? Or..? Maybe something like I want to make sure that the guy doesn't do this again - to me, or to someone else.
  19. Ooh, I like the sea salt one, I have that in my bathroom.
  20. I'm another fan of St Eval here. I rarely burn candles, but I do love theirs and they are the scented candles I will ever burn as they smell lovely and don't have that chemically/synthetoc twang. I don't burn them very often though, abd I use their reed diffusers instead, best of both worlds.
  21. Sorry to hear about your scary episode Patsy, and how lovely those people were. SOunds like the TV campaign for Stroke awareness (F.A.S.T) has really worked. Patsy, if it is migraine (and it really sounds like it is, but I am not a doctor), then having the right medication to hand and taking it as soon as you get the first inkling will make it very manageable. I've had migraines since I was a small child. I've learned that if I start fancying cheese on toast, or a strong cheese sandwich, then a migraine is on its way. I get this craving hours befire any of the other symptoms start. (My migraine is nothing to do with cheese, it's not a migraine trigger). Sometimes I feel very, very thirsty, and that is also an indicator that a migraine is on its way. Unlike the cheese craving, dehydration (as Ursula mentioned earlier) is one of the major causes of migraine for me.. That and my husband leaving his bedside light on overnight. If I realise early enough that I'm getting one, I can manage it with something simple like Migraleve, which as well as painkillers has an ingredient to help stop the nausea and vomiting . Occasionally MIgraleve doesn't work for me and then I need Imigran (which is Sumatripan, and quite strong). I ALWAYS carry both.
  22. I have the V6 and it is amazing. So light and easy, t's easier than using a broom and a dustpan and brush so I use it for all the small hoovering jobs as well as the full hoovering. I love it's edge-to-edge suction. I have a Roomba too, and I use that upstairs. It's great at cat hair collecting.
  23. I've been with Denplan for over 25 years. It's important to find a dentist you feel comfortable with, because your Denplan arrangement is with that Dentist. I was very nervous of the Dentist and had this chap recommended to me. On my first appointment, I took along a small cuddly rabbit, hidden in the pocket of my coat, thinking I could give it squeeze when I was getting stressed. I had to take my coat off, of course. For a split second I tried to weigh up which was worse: not having the rabbit to squeeze, or having the dentist and his assistant see a 25 year old woman holding on to a comforter. I took the rabbit out of my coat, and sat with it on my lap, squeezing it. The Dentist was brilliant. He didn't laugh (although he might well have done later, I don't really care), but he did realise that when I said I was nervous, I really, really meant it. I've had the same dentist ever since. The Denplan rate is banded, and your Dentist decides which band you should be in after examining you. The Denplan thing has been fine. I've never had to pay anything on top. I have Xrays once a year, checkup twice a year, hygienist 2-3 times a year, a few fillings, some fillings replaced, I lost part of one of my front teeth biting something (using my teeth to hold a washing line, or something stupid), all that has been covered. I expect there are some exclusions, I just haven't encountered them yet. Hope that helps.
  24. Proper pesto flavour. Like you get when you make pesto with your fresh basil leaves. Oooh, I'm drooling.

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