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  1. Thanks everyone, that's really helpful.


    I guess it has to be done at the point of manufacture because (as far as I know) you can't cut toughened glass - so it has to be done before the toughening takes place. Plus, the double glazed units are filled with argon, so I presume that has to be done after the hole is cut.


    I'll have to get off my bottom and visit a double glazing showroom to find out about the blinds, I think.

  2. Thanks SJP, that's very helpful.


    I was looking for info on fitting a cat flap to a double glazed door, and that's how I discovered that you can get the sealed units made with the opening pre-cut. Here's a link to the video, just in case you are interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iatCBXs5zvs


    I don't really want to go with half filled in and half glass, as I really like the light the french windows let in.

  3. I need some advice please.


    We had new uPVC double glazing fitted in 2012. Very happy with it. (I believe that the frames are Duraflex Pilkington glass -don't know if its Low E, and I think I have the name of the place in Wales where they were manufactured.


    We'd now like to have a cat flap fitted in one of our french windows (yes, we should have thought of this before!). I believe this will require a new sealed unit to be made, with the aperture for the cat flap created before the unit is sealed.


    The chap who did my original windows was a family friend. He died last year so I need to find someone else.


    My questions are:


    1. I've seen that it's possible to have blinds fitted inside the glazing. How do the mechanisms for the blinds work? Is it part of the uPVC frame (in which case I guess I can't have it now), or is it part of the sealed unit (in which case I guess I could have that done at the same time)?


    2. If I go down the blinds route, I guess I'd have the other door in the pair done as well. If not, then I assume I will have to look for someone who will use the same glass as I have already. Is this assumption correct please?



    Thanks for your help

  4. I can't believe that I am asking this, as I haven't used an iron (for ironing clothes, anyway) for more years than I care to remember.


    I do occasionally iron fabric before embroidering, and I've suddenly got a fancy to buy a (second hand) steam press. Do you have any experience (good or bad) of using any brands? I've heard that Domena is very good.


    I'm not looking for a hand held steamer, it's a table press thing that I want.


    I will probably end up just using it for fabric, as I can't see why I'd start ironing clothes now. But I am getting old, and I know that people sometimes start to do strange things in their dotage, so if I am going to buy one I might as well get one that is good at clothes.


    Thanks for any tips you can give.

  5. looking at the FAQs on their website, I would guess machine washing is not a good idea.


    Care instructions for fabric bags: Clean the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth. Do not bleach. Do not soak in water. Hang in a shady place. In case of a deep stain, clean the fabric with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap. A universal-use protective spray (i.e. Scotchguard – found in most shoe or handbag departments) may be used to keep the product looking clean. When your fabric bag is combined with leather, avoid moistening the leather when cleaning.


    You could email them to check for your specific bag? Or ask on their FB page?

  6. Thanks Blackrocksrock, I had thought about one of those feeders but not sure if my girls are clever enough :lol:

    Would they be heavy enough only being pekins ?


    I would recommend Grandpas Feeders. They are a lot more expensive than the other tredle feeders, but the difference in quality is really noticeable. When I first moved to using a treadle feeder (for our allotment hens), we bought a couple of the cheaper upright ones. I kept cutting myself when moving them, and I found a load of gunked up food at the bottom where water had got in.


    I bit the bullet and bought a grandpas feeder, and it was definitely worth the investment. Gradually we bought additional ones for the allotment and that's all we use there now. We had a squirrel problem at home, so I bought one (then another) for my home run.


    It took the older girls a while to get used to using it. You start off with it in a wedged open position, that's no problem for any of them. Then a partially wedged position. That causes some trouble as they are scared of the noise. Then it's fully closed. Some girls pick it up within a couple of days, some take a couple of weeks. Usually you just need one or 2 to work it out, and then the others copy. We've foud it best to not rush the switch from partially open to fully closed.


    Regarding pekins being heavy enough - we use a Grandpas for our chicks when they are outside, and they don't have to be very big to operate it from the partially open position. By 6 weeks they can operate it from the fully closed position so pekins should be OK.


    I'm not in any way affiliated with Grandpas Feeders, I'm just a very satisfied user of their products.

  7. I have a regular customer who spends a fortune (£500 a time), pays cash & never wants a receipt.


    I especially encourage those who don't want a carrier bag (don't want to pay for one anyhow) to take a receipt, as to walk out of the shop with your arms full of Jaffa Cakes & Cheddar looks really dodgy! :lol:


    I know this isn't what you said, but I now have an image in my head of a dodgy ArthurDaley/Flash Harry type walking out of Waitrose with £500 worth of Jaffa Cakes and Cheddar in their arms

  8. Hello, does anyone remember Mr H and Ninja, the pekin chicken he rescued? 2014 update here http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=98863


    Mr H contacted me recently via my blog. Nonja is still doing well, but Mr H is in need of assistance.

    He is lovely, cuddly and fit as a butchers dog, he still loves watching telly next to me in the evenings and spends more time in than out although the doors always open, I rescued a nest of hedgehog babies in the last month, a young swan who had been shot in November and had a 56 kg deer in the back seat of my car in October after a truck hit him but it seems I am the one in trouble now and need to rehome Ninja before going under the knife on Feb 11th




    Yes I noticed they don't allow rehoming requests so I didn't know what to do I had a fall in December and although the broken arm healed quite quickly I now have a spinal fusion to look forward to, I will try on omlet but if you hear of anyone please get in touch


    I know we don't allow rehoming requests for cockerels on this forum, but I wondered if it was OK to ask if anyone could offer a temporary home to one?


    If not, Mods please delete the post.

  9. I can resist anything except temptation! My way of managing is not to have anything in the house. Christmas is very difficult - Pingles, mini cheddars, fatal.


    Sweety wise, it has to be Rafaello. I only discovered them last year, by accident, and I've found I will eat through a whole box on my own, very quickly, if I am not careful.

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