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  1. You can change the setting for each Group so you can do different things in each one.


    These instructions are for a PC/laptop, it may be a little different if you are accessing Facebook on a phone or tablet.


    1, Go into the Facebook Group you want to do settings for


    2. In the header, you should see some buttons, one of which will be NOTIFICATIONS. Click on the tick beside this and a drop down will appear so you can see what current setting you have.



    3. Select the setting you want, and that's it.

  2. I have co"Ooops, word censored!", very curly, shoulder length hair. It's trimmed every 10 weeks so the ends are always in good condition, and coloured every 5 weeks as I'd be very grey otherwise.


    Iabsolutely, 100% agree with ChuckyMama on th hairdryer and brushing. Never let a hairdryer near it, and don't brush it when dry. In fact, I don't do anything to it when it is dry. I don't let the hairdresser use a dryer on it, and the only time I use a normal shampoo and conditioner is when I go to have my hair cut.



    I wash my hair once a week. I use a no poo product called DevaCurl No Poo (here's their website, but I buy it from Amazon) http://www.devacurl.com/no-poo-curl.html It doesn't lather, so it took me one wash to get used to it.


    They also do a conditioner and a spritzing spray, but I don't use them. I use a herbal hair rinse spray http://www.soapnuts.co.uk/collections/hair-treatments/products/herbal-hair-rinse-conditioner-200ml


    After I've rinsed it out, I leab over to turn my head upside down. I squeeze some of the excess water out, and then shake my head like a dog to get the water out. I I then do a bit of scrunching on the top of my head with my fingers, and shake my upside down head again like a dog. I don't use a towek at all. (Not on my hair, anyway!).


    In between, I dampen my hair each morning in the shower, run a comb through it (usually this one https://www.denmanbrush.com/product/d12-black-three-row-comb.html?r=13 which has the teeth set a reasonable distance apart buct close enough to get the tangles out. I do the headshaking/scrunching thing, which doesn't take so long as on a washing day as I've only dampened my hair.


    If I want my fring to go the side, I push it to the side and put a clip in to hold it. Once my hair is dry I can remove the clip and it stays in place.


    I don't use mousse or serums (I did in the past before), and I don't use glossing sprays. I used to quite like the effect of the glossing spray, but it would inevitably give e a bit of a product build up on my scalp. I don't have that issue with my pared down routine now.


    I have a very wide toothed comb which I would use in an emergency, but I found that the morning damp-comb-shake generally means I don't need to do anything else. (One of the advantages of naturally curly hair is that it already has a bit of an unstructured look to it).


    Appreciate my routine might not suit you :-)

  3. Birds bones tend to hea and weld superfast (which is why bandaging them is often a bad idea, as they tend to fuse together). It's likely that her toe is set like this now. They cope surprisingly well. We had a lovey leghorn who had several broken toes (we assume she landed funny when a chick), and she was amazing. She was a bit wobbly trying to go up the cube ladder, but other than that she managed really well.

  4. It's a bit...pathetic, isn't it? Sometimes people who feel they have no control over their own lives grab on to any control or power they can, in an attempt to make themselves feel significant or important. He probably thinks he's making things difficult for you, in a bit of tit-for-tat because you prevented him (in his wibbly wobbly world) from collecting his things from the house.


    I'm sure this won't be the last thing he does to put a spanner in the works


    to you.

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