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  1. Does anyone have any pics of sexed L/F Wyandottes at about 6-8 weeks of age that they could post please?


    We bought a mix of day old chicks of various breeds who are now at that age. I have only 1 partridge Wyandotte and i'm not sure about the sex. S/he walks like a pullet, but has no tail at all (which is more like a boy). We have some very dominant older boys, so it could well be boy in hiding.


    I thought some pics of others at that sort of age might help me.


    Thanks in anticipation

  2. I have had all 4 Omlet offerings - Cube, Classic, Go, and go Up.


    My favourite of all is the Cube. I started with this, and I'm now lucy enough to have 2 of them.


    We bought a Classic when we wanted to introduce our first lot of new Girls. It was a lovely looking and well made thing, but not as good as the Cube. Eventually I bought a second Cube and sold the classic.


    Then I needed something for chicks. The Cube wasn't suitable, I didn't want another Classic, so I bought a Go. It wasn't as well made or as robust as the Classic, but it was kinder to the grass, easier to move, easier to clean, and the run was miles better. Mind you, I did invest so that every run panel was a door panel.


    When the Go Up came out, I bought the bits to upgrade my Go, and I like that setup also. It's not as good as the Cube (in my opinion), but it does make an excellent spare/quarantine coop... and I can tun it back into a ground based Go if we decide to let any of the Girls hatch their own eggs.


    If you've already taken the plunge and bought a cube, I'd stick with it. (And then I'd buy the GoUp when you next introduce new hens).

  3. My packing tip (not joking):


    Imagine that someone is going give your parcel a sharp kick, hard enough to dent the kicked side of the box. Pack accordingly.


    For breakables (eg cups, vases) make sure you pack INSIDE the item as well as outside, the packing here acts as a shock absorber.


    Take photos of the items BEFORE you put them into the box (ideally next to the packing box), so you can prove they weren't broken before they went in.


    Take photos of the packed box before you seal it so you can prove how well packed things were.

  4. My big girls really didn't like it at all, and I think I rushed them. It will be interesting to see whether they use it when I merge the Keepers and their swing into the main run later in the year.


    If you are going to make one, take a close look at how this one is made first.

  5. I have one of these - I bought it about a year ago from the BHWT.


    I had trouble getting my big girls to use it, but it was so well designed that I saved it for our annual chick hatch. As soon as the chicks started to go into the garden (for short spells, at about 2 weeks of age) the swing has been there, just off the ground. Initially they ignored it, aoart from barging into it accidentally. Then, one of them hopped on it, and suddently they all wanted to use it.


    The chicks absolutely LOVE it.


    As the chicks have grown, I've raised it up. It's so popular, I needed a second one. I couldn't get one in this country, so I contacted the designer to see if I could order direxr. They told me that a shipment was on it's way to the UL and that Omlet would be stocking them. How great was that?! I pre-ordered one immediately.


    The swingswill move into the main run when the Keepers are integrated with the existing girls. I'm hoping that the old girls will copy the youngsters and use it too.


    It's really well designed. I know people believe they can make the same thing with a bit of wood and twi bits of rope, but.honestly. you can't. Of course, ou can make a swing of sorts with that. but you can't make a SAFE swing - one which doesn't twist round on itself and get tangled up when the hen leaps off, for example.

  6. Chicken Shack, are you referring to the board change in general? There was a thread about this a little while ago.


    If you want to change back to the old familiar style, you need to update your preferences:


    Go into the USER CONTROL PANEL,

    Click the BOARD PREFERENCES tab

    Look for MY BOARD STYLE (8-ish options down), and select OMLETSILVER2

    Press SUBMIT at the bottom of the page


    Hope that helps

  7. A collar isn't going to prevent the deaths of loads of cockerels.


    Putting aside the discussion on whether it is acceptable at all, even if it was, it would mean that only a very small number of the hatched cockerels would be saved.


    Cockerels have a reasonable life expectancy. Let's say that ths takes off, and every single cockerel hatched in year 1 finds a home and is fitted with a collar. What about all the cockerels in year 2? year 3? year 4? Like I said, at best it's going to prevent a very small number of boys being culled.


    And don't think it means that you can suddenly keep multiple cockerels.


    Keeping more than one cockerel (unless you havethe space to run separate flocks (inwhich case you wouldn't be bothering with a collar, would you?!) brings a whole host of problems. They *will* fight/scuffle. There *will* be injuries. They *will* get stressed. And that's just the boys!


    The Girls *will* suffer - you'll need to run twice as many girls for 2 cockerels, and even then you can bet that one or two of the poor things will become the "favourite". Being the favourite for one cockerel isn't much fun for a hen, what sort of life is that for a hen who is subject to multiple cockerel.? You *will* end up with fertilised eggs, so you'll have to be much more careful about who you give the eggs to (and you won't be able to sell them).


    But then of course we have to consider whether it's a humane thing to do anyway.


    I'm sure you can stop a dog barking by taping it's muzzle together, - not tightlym leaving enough room for it to be able to lap up water. Obviously you'd have to take the tape off so it could feed. Velcro would be great for that too. Isn't that just an extenstion of the rooster idea?


    If a cockerel doing normal cockerel things (like crowing) is unacceptable, then you just don't have a cockerel.

  8. He's a s*d isn't he? What a nasty piece of work.


    You may not feel like doing this but, if it were me, I would (try to) continue to be polite and sweet in all my correspondence. You can be sure he will only show his family the correspondence where you are short or less polite with him (and I know it upsets you that his children think you are one causing the problems).


    I hope you manage to arrange things so your DH can be there too.


    Good luck xx

  9. Poor thing. Maybe it was a fledgling which crashed and just couldn't get out again? Perhaps its parents just couldn't get to it to show it the way back. It may have had a heart attack under stress.


    We had a little fledgling fall into our garden. We didn't touch it, of course. We kept an eye on it from a distance, and kept the cats away. After some time, one of the parent birds flew down beside it, and then away, then back again. Eventually the little fledgling tried to take off again. It took a couple of goes, watched from a distance by the parent (and us). It managed to fly away, we were all rather relieved.

  10. Yes, I've found people often ignore "collection only".


    If something says "collection only", I contact the seller to ask if they weould consider sending it if I organise a courier. I'd never bid without them confirming.


    I think the Ebay app is part of the problem, it doesn't show the description. You have to actively open the description to read it, and I think many people just don't bother.

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