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  1. A few days ago , my dad and I were talking about hedgehogs. Afterwards, I thought I'd search on Ebay to see if I could get him an Arthur Wood Hedehog teapot and pair of mugs, as an inexpensive for-no-reason present.


    I couldn't see any sets on Ebay, so I searched the completed listings. There was one there with the small teapot and two cups, which had been listed at £9.99 + £5.50 postage. and hadn't sold.


    I emailed the seller to ask if they would consider relisting as a buy it now, or a one day listing, as I would like to buy it.

    They came back to me, asking what I was willing to offer.


    I had expected to just pay the £9.99 plus £5.50 postage... but I could see that it wasn't unreasonable of them to expect more. I decided that the max I could really justify spending was £12 (£17.50 incl postage), so I wrote back to say

    I was thinking of maybe £12 plus the £5.50 postage and if this is acceptable please relist and let me know the item number.


    The seller came back saying she wanted £15 plus postage, she was relisting the item and she would see how it goes. She listed it for £9.99 as a 7 day auction auction or £15 buy it now.


    I hesitated about what to do. I didn't want to pay £15, but it seemed rude not to do anything. But if I bid, then her "buy it now" would disappear, and she might thing I was being funny. While I dithered, she emailed me back with a short

    "Have you changed your mind about buying this set?".


    I felt cornered.


    I replied

    " Thanks for your email.

    £15 plus the £5.50 P&P is a bit more than I really want to spend, so I was going to see how the auction went. I haven't bid yet because, if I do, the "buy it now" option will disappear, and I thought it would be fairer to you to leave it there in case someone else wanted to buy it at your preferred price.

    Hope that makes sense"


    That wasn't the end of it.


    She wrote back, offering to meet me half way at £13.50. I could see that from where she was sitting, it was half way... but I was starting at £10.


    I felt even more cornered than I had before. But, I'd had a bad day, with Royal Mail delivering my beef box to the wrong village, Omlet not sending me my parcel and not telling me about it, and each time I had been perfectly reasonable. I was a bit fed up with being such a pushover.


    So, I took a deep breath, and wrote another polite (well, I thought so) reply, to explain why I wasn't accepting the £13.50.

    Thanks for your email and your offer,

    I was originally anticipating you'd be happy to relist if for the original £9.99. When you said "make me an offer", I realised that wasn't going to be the case. I could see that it wasn't unreasonable for you to expect a bit more, that's why I offered 20% more - £12 - instead of the £9.99 starting/ending price.


    I don't think £15 is an unreasonable amount to ask - nor is £13.50 - it's just more than I was looking to pay.


    I do appreciate that you can probably get more for it, which is why I won't bid yet as that will cockup your "buy it now" chance.


    Thanks again for the offer


    And do you know what she did?


    She took the listing down.


    I can see that I've obviously cheesed her off to the point where she would rather not sell, than risk having to sell to me for £9.99. I feel a little sad/fed up that she would do that, when I could easily have just bid on the damn things at £9.99.


    I don't really know why I'm posting about it, I guess it's just a bit theraputic telling someone about it!


    Thanks for reading, lol.

  2. Angie, you can change back to the familiar colours. ]


    Go into the USER CONTROL PANEL,

    Click the BOARD PREFERENCES tab

    Look for MY BOARD STYLE (8-ish options down), and select OMLETSILVER2

    Press SUBMIT at the bottom of the page

  3. I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with this on your own.


    It WILL pass.


    The Social Story sounds interesting - can you tell me a bit more about it please? What makes it so? Is it a special format? What do you put in it? Is it like the book written by Tony Husband for his dad?

  4. I expect we'll get used to it. There were lots of complaints last time the forum changed too.


    I don't particularly like the blue/grey, but I expect I'll get used to it.

    Personally I'm finding it too wide, I don't like the names on the right (should be on the left IMHO).

    I'm using Firefox and almost the whole of my screen is taken up with text links (which are presumably meant to be a menu across the top) which run down the left hand side before the messages start

  5. Things will get better. Definitely. The home you've chosen sounds lovely, and you know that you've taken care in the choosing.


    Your mum's Dementia may well mean that once she's settled in, which won't take long, you'll may find that she actually prefers being in the home and eventually won't even want to go out.


    Things couldn't go on the way they were, she would eventually have become a danger to herself. This way, all her needs can be met and in a lovely environment.


    I can absolutely understand her last minute panic. It's natural when making such an enormous, life-changing, adjustment to have doubts. I know it's not quite the same (but it kind of is, just not quite such a big change) but when we moved house 17 years ago, s had a last minute panic because I wasn't sure I really wanted to leave the old house. My grandfather had bought the house when it was first built in the 20s, nd I had bought it from him. I felt I was letting the family down by moving - even though the move was instigated by me, to somewhere I wanted to go.


    It won't necessarily be OK immediately, but it won't take long.

  6. That's really poor, and much worse than the problem that caused it in the first place.


    Most people accept that, even if it is annoying, sometimes things go wrong. What's important then is that the company acknowledges, apologises, and then tries to do something about it. Good customer service after a problem is likely to create much stronger customer loyalty.


    When it isn't handled well - or isn't handled at all - it ends up with the annoyance getting worse, to the point where the customer refuses to use that company again - and also telling their friends about their poor experience.


    It's very short sighted of them, At the every least they should reply and say how sorry they are, that things are in a bit of a mess and they are working to get things sorted out!

  7. Hello, I know this is the wrong place, I have posted in the "wanted" as well..... I just thought more people might see the request if I also posted here.


    Anyone have a Cube end panel (with door) they no longer need, please? For example, you might now attach your run to a walk in run and have nno need of the end panel.


    I would prefer the tall door, but I the original small door may also be suitable.


    I would also consider door panels from the Go, or the Eglu, as I might be able to get that to work too.


    I know they are available in the shop, but I'm looking for more than 1 and don't really want to spend the money on new ones if I can avoid it.


    Thanks for reading :-)

  8. Moving?? I'm really surprised. Looking forward to hearing where you're off to.


    We aren't great bbquers either. We do, however, have hm piza once a week. One of our ovens has a special setting and gets the pizza stone superhot so our pizza is cooked in 5 mins... but it's still not quite authentic.


    I'm really looking forward ot getting this.

  9. Thank you for that Sarah.


    Exactly my sort of thing. We had been looking at full sized pixzza ovens for a while, but couldn't agree where we'd put one. This is a fraction of the price, also runs on gas, and is portable.


    I've pre ordered one!

  10. It's not stupid.


    What has happened to you - all of it, but especially the lies which have made your niece snub you - is very unfair.


    You've worked hard to get on with things, to suppress/"forget" the injustice. It doesn't take much for that the feeling of injustice to jump up and catch you unaware, all the more painful because you had thought you had it under control.


    It WILL pass.

  11. I was looking for photos of Norman (my oldest Girl, killed by a predator because some mindless idiots broke into our allotment shed and let the chooks out) to do an "RIP Norman" for my blog. I came across a picture of my parent's pooch, taken a few years before she died.


    On impulse I contacted Lesley Ann (who used to be on this forum) to see what it would cost to have a picture painted. She did one for me, and it arrived today. It is really lovely. I've sent it on to my parents as a surprise, and I know they are going to love it.



  12. Thank you everyone.


    Apparently one of the sheds which was broken into the same night was broken into again last night and this time it was trashed. (We're getting this info second-hand, so not sure of the details). Police were called again.


    Our allotment was not revisited.


    Unfortunately, it isn't possible to make allotments RUDEWORD proof. If the RUDEWORDs want in, they will get in, no matter what precautions are taken.

  13. I was looking at pictures of her on your blog. Do you have some of her eggs now?


    Sadly all her eggs are clear. Either Henry wasn't covering her or she's just a bit too old to have viable eggs.

  14. Thanks everyone.


    I do appreciate that we've been really lucky, considering what could have happened.


    It's just.... Norman.


    She hatched under her mum 2 weeks after some other chooks hatched in our incubator. Her mum rejected her, and we thought she would die. We put her in with the other babies, and they were all enormous in comparison. She had no idea that she was tiny and young, she tried to do everything they did.


    We were convinced she was a boy (she kept taking up a cockerel stance), right up to the day she laid an egg.

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