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  1. Stef23

    Egg draught

    Thanks for responding. We have 3 brown hybrids and then the mixed bunch. Sussex, Speckled, Bluebell, etc. We are a bit worried as they slowed down during the longer days of sunlight.
  2. Stef23

    Egg draught

    Hi We have 9 hens and 1 cockerel in a very large run in our Allotment site. Up until a few months ago they produced 4 or 5 eggs a day, however we now get 1 or 2 max and sometimes none. We haven't changed anything and feed them on layers pellets, corn and green allotment produce. Only one chicken seems to be moulting at the moment. The youngest chicken is two and the oldest probably 4 or 5. We have a mixed flock. We cannot understand why there has been such a dramatic reduction of egg production, and would really welcome any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the situation. many thanks.