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  1. I bought an autodoor in April, it failed in August and I was sent a new control unit. It now appears to have failed again. I’m really not impressed as this was an expensive piece of kit and it’s now failed twice in less than a year. Has anyone else had a similar problem? It tells me the door is blocked and wants to keep opening and shutting constantly, which was the same problem I had in August. I’ve just emailed omlet.
  2. Yes, exactly this! They just messaged me and I feel like a prize idiot. Thank you replying 🙂
  3. Anyone fitted one of these on a mk 1 cube? How did you take off the old door?
  4. I emailed them a few days ago. I feel a bit stupid really because it must be really obvious, but i’d rather to still be able to reuse the original door at some point. Our chickens are arriving on Saturday so really need to get it sorted ASAP.
  5. I found this which seems to suggest the only way is to chop it off, but that seems rather drastic and wouldn’t allow me to put it back on again. https://www.omlet.us/files/public/cube_door_repair_manual.pdf
  6. Sorry, another question 🤦‍♀️ I need to remove the old door on my mk 1 cube to fit the new auto door. But the instructions assume you’ve already managed this. I’ve tried taking the handle off the end, but it’s pretty stuck and i’m worried something will snap. Am I being stupid? There are no instructions about removing the old door and it looks like it must have been preassembled originally.
  7. Thanks both - we don’t have a cat but our neighbours do, so I’ll look for better option. We’re so close to having everything ready, just takes longer with a 1 year old and 4 year old ‘helping’ still need to fit the auto door, rebuild the cube and put a roof on the run.
  8. I already cleaned it with the jeyes fluid 😖 is there a reason not to use it? There are so many products out there i’m Just trying to get my head around which ones to buy.
  9. Almost ready for chickens and it’s time to clean the cube ready for its first arrivals. I bought it second hand so no instructions- what’s the best way to clean it? I have some jeyes fluid but does it all unscrew? I know I sound totally clueless but it’s been sat in the garden for 6 months under a tree and it’s a bit mucky. How often will I need to take it all apart to clean? Once a week? Thank you 🐔
  10. Hi all, considering getting an auto door for our mark 1 cube, to make life a bit easier when we have to ask neighbours etc. to look after the chickens. I know there were issues initially with the eglu auto door - have these been resolved? The other options seems to be hentronix, though this is morn expensive and runs from a heavy duty battery fed by a solar panel. Looking for some honest opinions please, these things are expensive so want to make sure I get the right one. Many thanks 🐓
  11. I believe the chicken in question was fine! I think the sensors were misbehaving. I have an cube my 1 so hoping to get a hentronix one in the spring.
  12. Just wondered if anyone has spare roosting bars or trays for a mk 1 cube?
  13. Someone asked this question on a Facebook forum the other day and of the 3 people that replied, all had returned theirs to omlet. Could be teething issues as a new product but one person said their chicken got its head stuck in the door 😬 consensus seemed to be that hentronix were good ones.

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