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  1. Hi! That is a shame - They're usually pretty sharp at replying and I actually had an email from them today, they've got an open day in a couple of weeks which I was thinking of going along to. Thanks for the welcome and I'll get around the photos soon, I promise! I think we're due another piggy photoshoot, if I can get them to sit still for the required half a second I have six girls: Petal, Buttercup, Nelly, Dotty, Peggy and Poppy - we're in Wincheap living very cosily in my little house! Much as we love them it makes it hard to do the holiday thing, so a reciprocal piggy-sitting arrangement would definitely be worth looking at. Whereabouts are you?
  2. They may become more friendly as they get older, although one of the things I love about piggies is the fact that they all have such different personalities, so don't expect them to be the same even if they do get a little more cuddly! I have six piggies, varying from the 'friendly to the point of being bossy' to the 'snatch food out of your hand and run away and hide' ends of the spectrum. They're all indoor pigs though so they get lots of conversation and cuddles so hopefully the shy ones will grow up to be much more sociable than they are now. Spend time with them, talk to them, get a routine going so they are expecting you at certain times and try and hand feed them (if you can get them to expect mealtimes this gets easier, I promise!). Good luck - let us know how you get on fi
  3. That is sad to hear - you'd expect any centre worth their salt to offer at least some level of 'aftercare'. By the way, I've just joined the forum, this is my first post and since I'm also a piggy owner in Canterbury I thought I'd add my 10 pence! I've got nothing but praise for a centre in Sandwich (not sure how specific I'm allowed to be but you may know who I mean). I didn't get my piggies from them but I boarded two of them there over Xmas and they were fantastic, really dedicated and helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Although this could be the place you mentioned that didn't get back to you - it's unfortunate that people get such different impressions of these places. Hope that you got the advice that you were looking for in the end! fi

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